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Sergio Fucks Tristan Stiles So Hard He Walks Bowlegged

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Tristan Stiles, Sergio Valen

Does Sergio Valen ever go home? Do we even want him to? LOL! The studly top is back in BSB land, standing next to Tristan Stiles. Last we saw this cutie was about a month ago and he was dripping with man juice. Sergio offers some perspective on the differences between pride in Palm Springs and Atlanta. The ladies came out in ATL, but it seems as if we old heads rule Palm Springs. Senior citizens want some pride too! Tristan is feeling slightly self conscious because he's not as big as Sergio. "Everybody is bigger than me," he says to Cameraman Johnny. "I've been trying to work out," he continues as he grabs one of his arms. Sergio gives the terms for when he will bottom (expect serious negotiations). Johnny tries to see if he'll give Tristan a kiss. Poor Tristan is blushing like crazy. Mmmmmm. Is it possible he wouldn't mind swapping some spit with his scene partner? "This is a great awkward moment," Johnny observes. Tristan wants about 10 bucks for a kiss, which essentially means he wants to make out with Sergio. Not that there is anything wrong with that! LOL! There is a brief moment when they share lips and Sergio isn't happy with it. Johnny makes them do it again, and while the second lip lock is more passionate Sergio isn't pleased with it. As for Tristan, his grin and red face say it all! LOL! "How about some good old fashioned dick sucking," Johnny asks. The boys can do that. Sergio takes off Tristan's shirt. Sergio observes that Tristan would be classified as a twink in the industry. "You're a twink who can kiss good,"Sergio adds. He removes Tristan's pants and underwear. "Now I get to kiss your johnson," Sergio notes. "Even better, right?" Tristan just smiles and turns redder. Someone is smitten! LOL! Tristan moans the second Sergio's kissable lips touch his meat. Sergio looks up as he deep throats the tool. "Ready to suck my dick," Sergio wonders. There's no answer from Tristan, but he does hit his knees. So we can assume that means yes. LOL! Sergio sits down and Tristan blows away. Puts his hand at the base and fills that pretty mouth up. "So this is why you're good at kissing," Sergio says. The rod plumps and Tristan can only get so much in his throat. "All right," Sergio announces. "I think that's enough. I'm ready to fuck." Next thing we know, Tristan is on his back, his pink hole facing the camera. Sergio puts on a condom and places lube on the man cave. When he first enters, poor Tristan is not a happy camper. However, when Sergio starts to slow stroke him, Tristan moans like a good bottom boy. His mouth is agape, eyes shut, and all we hear are his out breaths. As for Sergio, he's pounding the boy. To the balls. Pulling his legs apart so he can get as much ass as possible. Tristan moves to his hands and knees and Sergio reenters. He gives a pale cheek a hard slap, making sure the bottom knows who is boss. Tristan takes it. He gets back on his back, and Tristan grits his teeth as Sergio takes his prize. Tristan's totem is hard though, and he strokes a nut that lands right below his belly button. Sergio pulls out and jerks his wad. It shoots out like a rocket, hitting Tristan right in the face. "You're the sniper," Johnny says. Tristan is a little worried about it getting in his hair, but man goo is good conditioner!

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