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Spencer Todd Puts His Red Rocket Inside Brandon Beal Raw

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Spencer Todd, Brandon Beal

Brandon Beal and Spencer Todd have a history together. They become BSB models around the same time, and Brandon was one of Spencer's first forays into the pleasures of male flesh. They are reunited today, and Brandon's perky booty will be fucked by Spencer. Brandon isn't feeling too happy about that. "Not too excited, but I need the money," he says to the cameraman. "It's about the money," Spencer responds. Brandon gives a "smile." LOL! The two lads strip. Once naked, Spencer sucks first. He licks up and down Brandon's rod, trying to get it fat and plump. His tongue does the trick, and Brandon sits back and moans. Spencer works overtime in his blowing duties. Look how his throat muscles contract. The red head breathes loudly through his nose. When he comes up, Brandon gives him a kiss for his efforts. It's Brandon's turn to suck dick. He swallows all of the "Red Rocket." "Oh, yeah," Spencer moans. That tool stretches poor Brandon's mouth to the limit. Imagine what it will do to his tight, pink, hole? Spit coats Spencer's johnson. His red toes curl from all the oral attention.:-) There's a quick kiss before Brandon gets on his back. Spencer puts lube on his rocket, and Brandon sticks some in his boy hole. Spencer works his tool in and starts fucking. The strokes are long and deep. Brandon is being deep dicked like never before. He can't decide if he hates or loves it. "Take it," Spencer commands. Spencer gets on his side, right behind Brandon. He refills that booty with his meat, balls to the wall with each stroke. Brandon takes each hit to his joy button, never asking the Red Rocket to slow down. "Pound my hole," Brandon whispers. Who doesn't groove to a bossy bottom who gets off on being fucked real good? :-) There's another lip smack before Brandon gets on his stomach. Those pearly cheeks jiggle with each down stroke. "Oh, fuck me," Brandon whimpers. "Take it," Spencer responds. The Red Rocket is getting close, the pounding starting to echo in the studio. When he pulls out to jerk his meat, the first shot of jizz covers Brandon's hole. The remaining covers those succulent cheeks. Brandon turns on his back and strokes an impressive load that covers his abs. "That was a pretty good fuck, guys," the cameraman says. Who is going to disagree? :-)

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