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Straight Soccer Guys Gets Fucked For The First Time

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Brandon Beal, Sebastian Wilde

Sebastian Wilde is a little nervous about what’s coming, but Brandon Beal understands exactly what he’s going through since he’s been in that spot before…so hopefully he’ll break him in easy!  They strip and we get to admire their toned, slim bodies as they kiss and play with each other’s cock, jerking them a bit before Sebastian goes down on Brandon. 

He still doesn’t look too comfortable with a cock in his mouth, but he does his best to deliver some Grade A oral!  When Brandon’s had his fill of Sebastian’s mouth around his prick, he pulls him up and sits him on the chair, giving him head and spitting on that big cock while Sebastian squirms in pleasure.  Once these boys are hard and ready Brandon gets on his hands and knees on his bed and gets ready to take Sebastian’s dick…but Sebastian just can’t do it.  He tries to stick his dick in a couple times but starts getting soft at the idea of fucking a dude in the ass. 

So they improvise and Sebastian gets to bottom instead and that’s one thing he wasn’t prepared for!  But this straight guy is desperate for that cash, so he lubes up and takes that bareback prick up his virgin ass without complaint!  After getting his ass stretched doggy style, Sebastian climbs on top and gets fucked that way, and he actually seems to be enjoying getting his ass pounded!  One last position change and these two are cumming everywhere…even after his first time, Sebastian seems to be made for bottoming!

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