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Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd & They Soak Each Other In JizzAdd Movie to your Favorites
Spencer Todd, Vinnie Steel

Vinnie Steele and Spencer Todd sit next to each other in this update, their toes almost touching. Don't faint lovers of feet. LOL! This video's script is an easy, juicy, one. The Red Rocket is getting fucked. This is the second time his pale booty has been explored (on film). Money is the motivation for both models. "I'm broke. As a joke," Vinnie says. He still has plans for owning a gym, but isn't close to that dream. "That's why I'm here," he adds. Clothes are removed, Spencer has no underwear. "Well, you're first. To suck," Spencer says to Vinnie. The newbie hesitates, but does his duty. Slowly he gets the Red Rocket to lift-off. Spencer moans, biting his lip from all the pleasure. Vinnie deep throats that monster, getting it slick with pre-cum. "Oh, man," Spencer whispers. Vinnie's own tool is sticking out as he takes care of Spencer. Some one must be having fun. :-) Vinnie pulls up and Spencer starts his oral workout. He gags as he makes Vinnie's toes curl on themselves. Vinnie grabs Spencer's head and pushes it down, making the Red Rocket swallow as much as possible. "Oh, suck that dick," Vinnie quietly orders. Spencer gets on his hands and knees. Vinnie lubes up his rod. The Red Rocket slathers lube in his man pussy. Poor Spencer. He cries out once Vinnie enters that tight hole. Although Vinnie is slow, and gives Spencer a chance to get used to his hole being filled, the Red Rocket can't help but moan out loud! Vinnie lets his bottom do all the work. He just stands there and watches as Spencer backs his pale ass up. Vinnie gets on his back, and Spencer straddles him. He takes a seat and Vinnie's meat returns to its warm home. "Oh, my God," Spencer moans. He slowly goes up and down, those pale thighs doing the work. Vinnie slaps that ass, making sure his hand print stays for awhile. :-) We're ready for the home stretch. Spencer gets on his back, and Vinnie goes in deeper than he's ever been. He grabs Spencer ankles and spreads his bottom out. Each stroke is to the balls. Spencer doesn't know whether he hates it or needs to be busted everyday. He does cum with a load that hits the top of his abs. Vinnie pulls out and beats his meat. His jizz hits Spencer's pale chest, the rest landing all over the Red Rocket's stomach. Vinnie then offers a sentence Foucault would have spent volumes on! "It's only gay if you make it gay….bitch," Vinnie announces as he walks away from the bed.

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