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Zander Floyd With His Long Hair Strokes His Meat

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Zander Floyd

Only old heads will remember this: back in the day parents always warned against young men with long hair. They were up to no good. This was partly true, which is why the young men with extensive locks were always sexy. Today's newbie Zander Floyd would make mothers lock their doors. His mane is shoulder length and partly covers that cute face. The 19-year-old is from Virginia. He's into BMX-ing and body surfing. Apparently the girls like to run their hands through his mop. Can you blame them? However, it's best to be nice to him because he knows a thing and two about computers. He'll hack your machine real easy. LOL! For some reason this puts the cameraman all in a tizzy. He offers Zander advice to give up the hacking life. Won't put any money down, but Zander doesn't seem convinced. The hacker was dumped approximately a year ago. His former gal was still in love with her ex. "I never got a chance to fuck her," Zander complains. When he takes off his shirt, he tells a story about a certain young gal and her mother. It wasn't a three-way, but Moms didn't stop when she saw them going at it. LOL! Zander doesn't believe in underwear, and his ass is so sweet. He grabs each cheek and likes the feel of it. Hopefully that hints at some future experimentation. Zander feels himself up when he jerks off. Tweaks his nipples, which turns him on. His rod plumps up as he keeps his strokes focused on the pink head. Those balls shake from all the motion. The dude throws his head back, his mouth slightly open. Zander grabs his chest and stomach, slowly swallowing. He is horned up and ready to pop. The stroking speed picks up and with no warning Zander's cum shoots out. He squeezes the cum out of his dick. Even takes a few drops and puts them on his tongue. "It tastes salty and sweet at the same time. It's weird," he observes. Do you want to see Zander again?

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