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Watch Frat Boy Logan Fuck Another Guy For The First Time

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Logan, Jay Atwood, David Knight

I wanted a good shoot so in doing some brainstorming and working with some models schedules I decided to make a threesome shoot happen. For fun sake I paired up a couple of guys with different sexuality. Bringing back David as my gay boy, who just wanted to do some more work with other hot guys, and didn't really care about the money. Then, I had Jay as my bisexual guy, who has had limited sexual experience with guys, but has been wanted to explore that a little more. To complete the scene I had Logan, my straight boy who was only starting to break out of his comfort zone with each shoot he does. When they all arrived for the shoot I had them take a seat on the couch and we got started. Each one got introduced, and then from there we started talking about why I brought them in. The goal was that I wanted them to fuck, and for two of them this was going to be their first time going that far with a guy. See Jay has never had anal sex with a guy before, so he was open to trying everything just so that he could see what he liked and didn't like. My plan was to have him bottom in the shoot, just because he seemed like the perfect little bottom boy. David was gay and he said that he was down for whatever, but preferred to bottom. Then, there was Logan who I knew would top and only top in the scene. Everything was set all I had to do was say everything out loud to get them to do it. I quickly told them my thoughts, and then made sure to emphasize the money part. Logan right away was the one that jumped all over me and said that he wasn't doing it for only $800, and so we went back and forth about how he didn't want to do any of it. However, he had things to pay for, so we settled on him doing the shoot for $1500, but he wasn't going to do any oral. That was fine, and all the other guys were okay with what they were making. The next order of business was for them to get undressed. The guys stood up and took off their shirts first. From there they then went right for the pants. I had to get David to catch up with them, and then they fully got naked. Sitting on the couch they played with their own dicks trying to get them hard while I put some porn on. I had Jay start with giving Logan oral, and he took that cock in his mouth and started sucking. Logan said that it was a little weird having his dorm buddy doing it, but just sat back. Jay was able to get Logan's cock to grow, and I turned to David and told him to start to give Jay a blow job. It took nothing for Jay to get hard, and the three guys were sitting there with boners. Logan has been the type of model that you have to blow up their ego and then they like to do things. The guys got onto position on the bed, and Jay wanted to start out on his back. Logan pushed his dick in very slowly, and he moved at a comfortable pace for Jay. Watching the two of them fucking it was more sensual than dirty, and it seemed like they were making love. As they were fucking I had to actually tell them to go faster, because I think that Logan was just afraid that he was going to hurt Jay. After a while, I wanted to change it up and see if we could get them to be a little kinkier. I asked Logan what he thought and he said that it was tighter than pussy, and that it wasn't that bad. It was now time for David to have his turn at getting fucked. He too wanted to start out on his back, and Logan was able to put his dick right in there to keep fucking. As I watched the two of them, David just laid there with his hand behind his head and seemed very comfortable. After a while though I told Logan to pick up the pace and that made a difference. David started to moan a lot more, and I told Jay to shove his cock in David's mouth to shut him up. That did the trick, and the fucking continued. One final change I had David get into the doggie-style position, so that him and Logan could get a little rougher with it. Sure enough Logan started pulling back on David's hips a lot harder, and this caused Logan's dick to go deeper. From the fucking David's dick was getting harder and so he started to jerk off. I heard a warning shout that he was getting close to shooting his load. I told him to go for it, and he ended up cumming right on the bed. As soon as he was done, Logan was going to stop and I told him not to. Keeping the fucking going David seemed to be more sensitive now that he got off, and so as he was moaning Jay ended up shooting his load on David's arm and back. The last one to get off was Logan and he pulled out and stroked his dick for a moment. It didn't take him long at all before he was ready to shoot his load. After he came on David's back just above his butt, all the guys seemed to be a little tired and sweaty. They did a fantastic job in the shoot, and I just keep hoping that Logan will go along with what I have him do next.

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