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Logan & Jay Give Holden Some Oral Support

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Logan, Jay Atwood, Holden

The boys are back and with us we had Logan, Holden, and Jay. Jay and Holden to refresh everyone's memory went to school together and are friends. The point of the shoot was to get Holden's dick sucked and do some oral himself. Jay and Logan were there to do the shoot and offer their support in making him comfortable. We talked about how much money he could make and that the pay scale went along with how far he goes. I offered Holden $800 considering that he had never sucked dick, or had a guy suck his dick. His response to me was that he had to think about it, but probably not. What I did was had Logan and Jay put on a personal show for Holden to watch in order to give him a better understanding of what I was after. The two of them stood up and stripped out of their clothes taking their place in front of Holden on the couch. Logan always seems to look good naked, and has a hot body. Looking over at Jay he has been spending some time in the gym, but probably the most noticeable thing was that he was a little less two toned with his tan. Jay got down on his knees and took a hold of Logan's dick, and placed it in his mouth he started. Jay was craving having Logan's cock, you could tell be the way that he wouldn't stop sucking it. The best part was that Jay was great at deep-throating, so by Logan moaning and saying that he was enjoying it. Maybe that would be another part, besides the money that would convince Holden to give oral with a guy a try. Even if at this point I could only get him to receive oral. With the two guys putting on their show, I noticed that Holden was paying attention to them and he rubbed his stomach. I asked if he would try it, and he said that maybe just receiving. I had Holden stand and strip out of his clothes to catch up to the other guys. Once he was completely naked I had him step in closer to the action. As he was standing there I told him to just touch Logan's dick, and as he did it, he I knew that I just needed to go slow. I told Holden to take a seat and I would have his buddy Jay give him oral, and right away Holden spoke up saying that he wanted to have Logan do it. As soon as Holden was ready Logan took the limp dick in his mouth and started to suck. I figured out that I forgot to turn the porn on, because Holden was having a hard time focusing on something that would get him hard. As his cock got harder and grew into a raging hard on I asked him if he would give oral. His response was yes, and I told him to start with Jay. Leaning over to his side he put his buddy's dick in his mouth and was giving head for the first time. Right away, Jay spoke up and told him not to use his teeth. I let them stay in this arrangement for a while before asking them to change things around and had Holden give Logan oral. The more the three of them kept busy, the more that Holden seemed to not think about things and just went with things. It was when I had Jay and Logan concentrate on sucking just Holden's dick that he made the comment that they seemed to suck better than his girlfriend. Hopefully she doesn't find out that he said that. The guys kind of formed a circle jerk and Jay jerked off Holden while Logan was busy stroking his own dick. I didn't know if this was going to work, and if Holden would get off with another guy completely jerk him off maybe he would be more relaxed than I thought. It was no surprise that after a couple of minutes, Logan announced that he was ready to shoot his load. Standing up and moving in on the couch he shot his load all over Holden's stomach and chest. It didn't freak Holden out he just was a little sticky after that, I had Logan take over for Jay. It seemed like Holden was getting about ready to blow his load, when Jay let out that he was getting close. Getting to his knees on the couch he shot is load onto Holden's stomach, and so with all the cum, I hoped that Holden's load would stand out. I had him take over jerking himself off and he let me know that he was getting close. He came on his stomach and it was thick. I told him that I had a surprise for him next time and it would hopefully get him to cum faster. We just have to see what I can get setup for him to do next.

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