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Ryan Pitt Fucks Red Haired Richie West In His Boy Ass

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Richie West, Ryan Pitt

Ryan Pitt is minding his own business on the couch, watching some porn and rubbing his dick when Richie West comes in.  Spotting Ryan’s cock in his hand, Richie can’t help but want to join in as he leans in and takes Ryan’s prick in his mouth, sucking him off as Ryan discards his phone in favor of Richie’s sweet little mouth.  But Richie can’t be the only one giving and Ryan makes sure to return the oral as he captures Richie’s cock and sucks it, getting him good and hard before bending him over on the couch and lining up that massive, curved cock with Richie’s tight hole.  

Pushing inside, Ryan fucks Richie raw, burying himself balls deep in that pink taut ass as Richie leans forward onto the couch and gives himself over to Ryan.  They try a different position, letting Richie straddle Ryan’s lap as he slowly sinks down onto that rock hard dick, his ass stretching to take it all as earns a few deep moans and an ass slap from Ryan.  As they move to the end of the couch, Richie lies on his back and bares his sore ass to Ryan, who eagerly plunges his crooked cock back inside to fuck him hard and deep until both guys are shooting loads of cum!

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