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Richie West Spreading His Tight Ass For Kyle Lovern

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Richie West, Kyle Lovern

Kyle Lovern and Richie West are both pretty quiet guys, but lucky for them what they’re about to do doesn’t require much talking, and they get right into it, kissing and sucking cock as they warm each other up.  Richie goes down on Kyle, letting him facefuck him as he deepthroats that dick and drools all over it before standing up to get some head from Kyle who eagerly takes Richie’s thick member in his mouth.  Richie moans as Kyle sucks him off and then he lies face down on the bed, ass in the air as he waits to get fucked by Kyle’s hard shaft.

Kyle pushes his throbbing dick into Richie’s hole, filling him up and fucking him raw as Richie moans beneath him, taking it doggy style next, Kyle’s balls slapping Richie’s taint as he gets pounded. Kyle can’t get enough of that ass, holding Richie down as he fucks him and then turning Richie onto his back, legs spread and ass wide open to receive that dick again.  Kyle’s bareback member slides in and out of Richie’s sore hole, his own hand wrapped around his dick as he strokes out a nice big load while Kyle fucks him.  As Richie comes down from his orgasm, Kyle fucks him a little while longer before pulling out to shoot his hot load into Richie’s open mouth!

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