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Bobby Owens Fucks Dorian Kross After He Pulls Out His Dick

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Bobby Owens, Dorian Kross

When Bobby Owens and Dorian Kross are done kissing, Bobby pulls Dorian’s dick out of his pants and does his best to wrap his mouth around that huge fucking dong.  Choking on that massive dick, Bobby works his lips and hand in tandem as he gets Dorian hard and then lets him get a taste of his dick next as he kneels on the bed next to him and watches as Dorian goes down on him.  But Bobby wants that tongue in more places than just around his throbbing prick and he shoves his ass in Dorian’s face, straddling him on the bed as Dorian rims and licks Bobby’s tight hole, making Bobby moan and curse as his tongue laps at that taught entrance. 

When Bobby is horny as fuck he gets Dorian on all fours on the bed and penetrates that ass from behind, fucking him bareback and hard, barely giving Dorian a minute to adjust to the new intruder in his hole as he pounds him deeper.  Wrapping a shirt around Dorian’s neck, Bobby pulls back on it and dominates him so hard, filling him to bursting with his rock hard dick as Dorian moans but takes the pounding, letting Bobby flip him onto his back and take him like that next.  Bobby’s balls slam against Dorian’s ass as he fucks him hard, holding Dorian’s legs wide apart so he can get deeper as Dorian plays with himself until Bobby pulls out and busts on Dorian’s face and  Dorian retaliates by shooting his own hot load of cum all over Bobby’s ass!

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