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Abram Hoffer Fucks Gage Owens Bareback

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Abram Hoffer, Gage Owens

Abram Hoffer and Gage Owens get to wake up this morning with sex, and apparently both guys don’t mind morning scenes at all, so they get right into it, kissing gently as Abram reaches down for Gage’s cock. Abram pulls that dick out and wraps his lips around it, sucking Gage’s sweet cock and making that dick throb as he sticks it down his throat. 

Gage returns the favor, licking and sucking Abram’s delicious meat until they break for some more kisses before Abram bends Gage over and slowly slides his big cock inside of him.  While Gage gets fucked raw from behind, he strokes his own dick and lets Abram pound him deep before moving to the bed, straddling Abram and riding that thick cock!

When Abram wants to fuck faster he gets Gage on his back and spreads his legs wide apart, opening that ass up for him as he sticks his bareback dick back inside and pumps him full of hard cock. Gage begs for more as he jerks his own dick until he’s draining it all over himself, and a few more good thrusts and Abram pulls out and lets his cum fly!

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