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Jamie Popping Colin's Ass Cherry For The First Time

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Jamie Wolf, Colin

Jamie is in the studio today along with Colin. Jamie hasn't been in for a while but now finds himself in need of cash as a few things have gone wrong for him; a storm destroyed his house, someone wrecked his motorbike by hot wiring it and his Mom is in hospital. Colin, on the other hand, needs money for the usual things such as bills and rent. The boys stood up and stripped off, their clothes flying every which way as they got naked. After Jamie performed a rather graceful 'Dongo Dance' for the camera, both boys hopped up onto the bed and started playing with their dicks in order to get hard. Reaching over, Colin grabbed hold of Jamie's dick and started stroking away while Jamie did likewise with Colin's cock. As the boys got even harder, they leaned in towards each other and locked lips. While Jamie was experienced at kissing other guys, this was Colin's second time kissing man on man. Both boys put some tongue into it as they jerked each other off. After a few minutes of enthusiastic snogging, Jamie asked if that was all I needed but as they had been so hot together, I told them to keep going. Diving in again, Jamie and Colin kissed each other, both their cocks rock hard as they put some passion into it. When they could get no harder, it was time for Jamie to demonstrate his oral skills on Colin. Sliding down the bed, Jamie jerked himself off as he swallowed down Colin's thick cock. Right away, it was easy to see that Colin was enjoying the feel of a hot, wet mouth surrounding his dick even as Jamie bobbed up and down on the thick shaft. Colin encouraged Jamie to go down further by gently resting a hand on the back of Jamie's neck. As Jamie worked his magic, Colin shut his eyes and indulged in his own private fantasy. All too soon, Jamie came up for air, complaining about his jaw hurting from the size of Colin's dick, something that made Colin grin. However, like a true cock sucking pro, Jamie went right back down and back to work, Colin panting hard and moaning for more. Moments later, it was Colin's turn to return the favour, although, as Colin stated, Jamie was pretty good and Colin wasn't sure he could come close to Jamie's talents. As Colin shifted himself so that his face was at cock level for Jamie, he said that it was all down to learning from the best; his girlfriend. Immediately, Colin was enthusiastically bobbing up and down as Jamie groaned in pleasure. Jamie's dick slipped out from between his lips but Colin quickly slid the hard shaft into his mouth again. Holding Jamie's balls in one hand, Colin showed Jamie just how much he had picked up from his girlfriend. Colin even got daring, attempting to deep throat but had to pull off for a moment as he choked when the cock brushed the back of his throat before going right back down. His hand on the back of Colin's head, Jamie hinted for Colin to go deeper even as he panting in enjoyment. Soon enough, it was time to get down to the main event. Colin lay on his side, Jamie spooning him from behind and guiding his dick into Colin's virgin ass. Reaching behind, Colin helped Jamie out by taking over and gently fucking himself on Jamie's dick until it was all the way in. Grunting in discomfort, Colin gripped onto the bed head even as Jamie took hold of his dick and started to jerk him off. Jamie was able to set a steady pace, all the while, rolling Colin's heavy balls in his hand. It wasn't long before Jamie started to fuck Colin's ass hard and fast, Colin panting hard from the new sensations. Jamie rode Colin's virgin ass hard but had to tell Colin to concentrate on his breathing to take his mind off things. Colin, upon being asked if he wanted Jamie to go slower, just shook his head and said 'let's just do it!' The boys switched things up with Colin rolling over onto his back and drawing his knees up to his chest as Jamie thrust right back in. Long, deep and slow is how Jamie fucked Colin's tight ass, all the while, Colin gripped onto the mattress and clenched his teeth. Faster and harder, Jamie rode Colin's ass even as Colin panted and groaned. However, it looked like both boys were about to cum so Jamie pulled out and started jerking off while Colin did the same. Now, it was a matter of who would shoot first. Both boys wanked off at a furious pace but it was Jamie who went first. Kneeling next to Colin's head, Jamie shot all over Colin's face, cum dribbling down Colin's cheek and neck. Moments later, it was Colin's turn as cum flew into the air and over Colin's upper chest, face and shoulders.

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