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Straight Boi Jimmy Johnson's First Time In A Gay PornAdd Movie to your Favorites
Jimmy Johnson

Welcome to the new look Broke Straight Boys. The newest boy to appear on the BSB futon is Jimmy. We found Jimmy, who was tall, dark haired and buffed, down by the beach who was visiting some friends while on vacation. As Jimmy and I chatted about how much money he makes at his job, I offered him $100 if he would come back to the studio with me and jerk off on camera, however, I told him I would pay him $50 if he showed me his cock right then and there. Sure enough, Jimmy undid his bathers and pulled out his cock, showing off his close cropped pubes as he did so. Jimmy then questioned the amount I was going to pay him to jerk off on camera and I confirmed that it was indeed going to be $100 and after barely a second or two to think it over, Jimmy was ready to go. Back at the BSB studio, Jimmy sat down on the futon, still clad in only his bathers, whereupon we started chatting, Jimmy revealing that he had a son and wanted to make some money to pay bills. As we talked about his girlfriend and other things, Jimmy said that he had never done anything with another guy before. Jimmy decided that he wanted more than $100 to jerk off in front of the camera but I told him to get naked first to see if he was worth it, handing him a $100 note to entice him to strip off. Standing up and taking off his board shorts, Jimmy said $150 was worth getting naked for at least. Naked, Jimmy turned around, showing off his well rounded ass to the camera for the BSB members benefit, revealing that his cock, when hard, was around 7.5 inches. Sitting back down on the futon, Jimmy said he would jerk off for extra cash but I told him that I only had another $100 on me, however, Jimmy was happy with that because he could put the whole $250 towards his back rent. Watching the straight porn playing on the tv, Jimmy played roughly with his cock as he worked on getting hard. Jimmy alternately tugged on his cock and rubbed a hand over the shaft before squeezing his balls as he concentrated on the porn. However, it didn't take long for Jimmy to start to harden, he showed off a pretty neat trick where his cock would twitch back and forth on its own. Admitting that it was difficult to get fully hard in such a different environment, Jimmy somewhat reluctantly pulled his knees up to show his ass hole to the camera when I asked him to. I offered Jimmy an extra $20 to finger his asshole and after a very brief protest, Jimmy wet a finger and rubbed it over his asshole, all the while, he kept jerking himself off. Standing up again, Jimmy spread his legs wide and continued putting in some hard wrist action. He had such a nice ass, I got Jimmy to turn around again and show it off. I asked him if he had ever had anyone lick his ass, a girl or even a guy but Jimmy replied with a resounding no. Jimmy was getting a tad frustrated by how long it was taking him to get completely hard, although, from what I could see in the camera, his cock was looking pretty good. He sat down again, jerking himself off in hard strokes, even using both hands at times to get himself closer to release. Breaking off for a moment to coat his cock with more lube, Jimmy was certainly working up a sweat. Desperate for the full $250, Jimmy concentrated on what he could do with the extra money and stroked himself all the harder. As the sweat rolled down his face, Jimmy indicated that he was getting close to cumming. Only a moment later, cum spurted over his stomach and dribbled down his side. I offered him $20 to eat some of his own cum but he refused so I upped the price until I got to $60 upon which Jimmy said he would eat a fingertip full. Dabbing his fingertip into the pool of cum on his stomach, Jimmy put it into his mouth, sticking out his tongue so I could see it on his tongue. All up, Jimmy made $330 for an afternoons work. Not bad for a straight boy.

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