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These Guys Show The Noob How To Suck A Guys CockAdd Movie to your Favorites
Diesal, John, Corey Fulton

Today at Broke Straight Boys, John is on the futon. I've told him that because his dick sucking skills are not quite up to scratch, he is going to be having some lessons. John, being a straight boy, isn't keen on sucking dick and finds it quite hard to do without gagging. I asked John how much he thought he should get paid for learning how to suck cock and he came up with $600. As we were still waiting for the other models to turn up, I told John to get himself hard. John stood up, stripping off to his boxers before sitting on a blue plastic chair and wanking off to the straight porn. By the time Diesal and Corey entered the room, John was rock hard. I got Diesal and Corey to strip off as John continued to maintain his hard on. Deciding that Corey was going to suck cock first, Diesal sat right back into the futon as Corey immediately leaned down and licked around the head of Diesal's cock. Right away, Diesal was loving the blowjob, gasping as Corey rubbed his tongue ring along the cock slit. Corey was going deep on Gigantor, all the while, John watched intently and stroked his cock. I asked John what he thought, John saying that it was interesting and a learning experience. Diesal was impressed when Corey went all the way down on the huge dick. Diesal was loving the blowjob so much, he started thrusting gently into Corey's mouth until it was time for Corey to display his skills on John's dick. Corey got up and crossed over to John, swallowing down the rock hard cock. Right away, John was in awe of how good Corey's blow job was. Corey bobbed up and down over John's cock, licking the shaft and tonguing the head. It wasn't long before John said he was a bit more confidant at being able to give a blowjob another try so he sat on the futon between Diesal and Corey; leaning over and swallowing down Corey's dick even as Diesal sucked on John's. It was clear right from the start that John was already doing much better as he grasped Corey's cock in a tight hand as he concentrated just on the head while Diesal bobbed up and down over his own hard dick. John tried a few fancy moves; licking up and down the shaft and running his tongue along the cock slit. They switched sides; Corey blowing John while John tackled Gigantor. John, somewhat intimidated by Diesal's size, nonetheless, he licked around the head of the cock and ran his tongue along the shaft even as Corey swallowed John's cock to the root. John found his rhythm as he pumped Diesal's cock while sucking on just the head. Switching again, Diesal sat in the middle between the two boys, Corey working Diesal's cock while John knelt on the floor and pulled out all the tricks as he swallowed down Corey's dick. Continuing John's education, Diesal and John stood up next to Corey, John watching closely as Corey sucked Diesal's cock. Diesal got aggressive with Corey, roughly face fucking him. Corey switched to John's dick, all the while, Diesal instructed John in how to go down further on a cock, Corey playing with his own cock the whole time. Diesal decided that Corey was such a great cocksucker, that he was going to stick in his dick into Corey's mouth along with John's. Corey, like a total cockslut, crammed both dicks into his mouth. It was difficult to do so Corey alternated between both cocks, sucking one and then the other. They swapped; John sitting on the futon with Cory kneeling on the floor and sucking his cock while Diesal got his cock blown by John. Barely gagging, John was sucking Diesal's cock like a trooper, Corey treating John's dick like a favourite candy. John was doing really well; licking up and down the hard shaft and sucking on just the very tip of the cock head even as Corey pulled out all the tricks on John's dick. Mixing it up, Diesal sat back down and swallowed down John's dick while Corey went to town on Gigantor. John admitted that both Corey and Diesal were good teachers as he moaned in pleasure from Diesal's blowjob. It was clear they were all too close to cumming to continue so Corey lay on the futon with Diesal jerking off close to his face. Diesal came first, spraying cum all over Corey's body. Next was Corey, cum spurting over his upper chest and neck. Lastly was John, his cum flying every where; over the futon, cushions and Corey.

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