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I Offer These Boys A Wad Of Cash If They FuckAdd Movie to your Favorites
Mike Robbins, Jj Adams

I gave J.J one more chance to prove himself since he was unable to get hard & he didn't like sucking cock or doing anything with another guy. Since J.J is extremely straight, I pushed him to the limits in this latest episode of BSB. I decided to match him up with Mike since Mike is already comfortable filming and being on our futon this would be a perfect match. Before I rolled the camera, I explained to Mike that I'm going to offer him a lot of money and if J.J can't get hard, to fuck J.J like a "prison bitch". Mike was concerned that the scene was going to get ruined and nobody would get paid, but if all else least Mike fucked him good and I would pay Mike and not J.J for the scene. As my camera rolled, I started out by telling J.J the truth and offered the boys a bundle of money. This is a very rare occasion that I took a wade of bills and flashed cash in front of their faces and I asked the boys who would top? Or will bottom? The total amount was $3500, Mike said he would take $1000 and top. The rest can go to J.J. This gave J.J an incentive to Bottom, with some hesitation J.J was a bit taken back...but when he had an opportunity to make $2500, he decided to do what he had to do. I started off with the boys undressing and do some oral. Again I had J.J suck cock, but he just doesn't like sucking cock so I had Mike suck on J.J's cock and again his dick was not getting hard. I know J.J was not into this and he was doing this strictly for the money but I figured lets see how this scene would play out. After the boys were jerking off and sucking cock, Mike looked at me and asked if we can start fucking and I agreed and the boys open the futon. It was really cute because J.J was at a loss and didn't know what to do or how to prepare himself. With some assistance from Mike, the boys got into position and Mike's hard cock was unable to get inside J.J's tight whole. Since this is reality gay porn, I tried my best to film the clumsiness of the scene and keep the realism of Mike struggling to fuck J.J's tight ass. With some struggle, finally Mike got his hard cock inside Mike and slowly pumped his hard cock inside J.J's tight boy hole. J.J was moaning and groaning and didn't realize how much his virgin ass was going to feel. At one point he thought his stomach was going to fall out of his ass! Mike kept on pumping and loosening up his tight hole then decided to flip J.J over onto his back to fuck him harder and longer. This was truly a really fantastic scene as we see J.J's first time getting fucked by another dude. Just as I instructed, Mike fucked him "jail style" and went to town and assaulted that new virgin hole. After a while, I think J.J got more into and a lot more comfortable because when Mike pulled out to cum, J.J got super hard and shot his load all over the place then followed by Mike squirting his super cum shots on J.J's face and body. This is a scene worth watching as it goes from a slow awkward sucking and fucking to a hot anal fuck session between to straight dudes!

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