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These Roommates Are Broke & Are Here Again

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Aiden Rogers, Torin, Steve Wise

I got a call from Torin and Steven saying that they wanted to move forward with shooting the anal scene if we could agree on the money they would make. We went back and forth about numbers and once we settled on $2500 a piece to have their first anal experience all that was left was to pick a day. The day of the shoot the straight boys showed up first and Aiden was only a few minutes behind them. I had the guys take a seat in the shoot room so that we could get started and hopefully get a lot of great fucking out of the shoot. When we started I mentioned that I was surprised that I heard from them and that they would even consider doing anal. Torin had a taste of the money that he can make for doing something outside his norm, but he would never want to admit that he might like some of what was going on. As for Steven he said that he likes the money as well, but he has started to open up to experiences. I was going to bring Steven in for work anyway just because I felt bad for his house burning down. When I started to get into the plan for what was going to happen in the shoot, that they were going to do fucking, I saw that our straight boys started to get a little nervous again. The price that we had settled on was $2500 a piece for the straight boys to have their first anal encounter on camera with a guy. Aiden was only going to make $500 for doing the scene, but he was going to get to enjoy most of the work as well. I knew this was going to be an interesting experience, especially seeing Torin open up more and not act like he had a dick up his ass. When I went through what each of them was going to do, Aiden was obviously going to bottom, Steven was open to trying whatever, and Torin was only going to top. Once we had the fucking figured out, I had the guys stand for me and start to get undressed. As they took off their shirts, Torin made the comment that if Steven started to get into guys that he would leave. I was proud to see that Steven said that he wasn't planning on staying there for long anyway, and I even made the comment that I didn't think he was gay. All the guys seemed to stop at their pants and took a seat on the couch, but I made them get back up and strip to their underwear. Torin was the one standing closest to me, and I noticed that he had some print on his boxers. When I asked him what it was, he mentioned that it was different kinds of alcohol and came out with saying he was an alcoholic. I called him on it and we talked about it for a minute before we continued with the shoot. Putting on the porn, I wanted them to get hard and then Aiden would give them oral to get them horny to fuck. Aiden dropped to his knees in front of Torin and started to suck on his cock. It was almost dead silent in the room. I asked Torin if he was always this quiet. He said he was only when he used his imagination. After Torin was good and hard, I had Aiden move over to Steven. Steven showed more that he liked the oral, and got pretty hard. The straight guys were ready to fuck. Torin was the first one to do the fucking, and so he got behind Aiden who was in the doggie-style position. Pushing his cock in at a slow but steady pace, it just slid right in there. From there they started fucking faster, and while they were going at it, I had Aiden suck on Steven's dick. After a while I had Aiden flip over on his back and had them continue. To my surprise, Aiden called a break. He was getting close to cumming and didn't want to shoot his load before Steven had his turn at getting fucked. Torin started having a cow about fucking Steven, but then Aiden actually came up with a good idea of Torin wearing a blindfold that we had. Aiden went and grabbed the blindfold from the other room and we had to get everyone prepped. Steven applied some lube to his hole and Aiden gave him some quick pointers before we started filming again. Steven laid down on his stomach and Torin climbed on top of Steven and pushed his cock in his tight hole slowly. Once he started to move I reminded him to go easy, since this was Steven's first time at getting fucked. He said that he was, however things started to get more intense. Torin really started to fuck him harder and part of me was starting to think that Torin liked the fact that he was fucking his friend for his first time. As Torin started to go deeper, that caused Steven more pain so he naturally started to lift his hips off the bed to get closer. That made Torin push him down, and the two kept fucking. All of a sudden Torin announced that he was about to cum, and he pulled out and shot his load all over Steven's ass. It was very hot knowing that Torin got off fucking a dude. After that I tried to get Steven to fuck Aiden, and as they got into position, Steven said there was no way he was going to be able to do it. Instead Steven and Aiden were just going to jerk off for us on the bed. Leaning back on the bed, Steven worked on getting hard, and as he jerked off he started to make more noise. He was already starting to have an orgasm, and then he shot his load on his hand. Aiden had held out for Steven to get off first, and then he took his turn. Watching Aiden stroke his cock it was only a few minutes before he was ready to shot his load. He ended up cumming on his stomach and it was a successful cum shot for all three, and we got to see the straight boys do some fucking for the first time. They were quick to hop up off the bed away from Aiden and start putting on their clothes so that they could leave. I told him that I would go get their money, and Aiden said that he would take a shower first. We will see if they want any more work after this.

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