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Gay Guy Loves Sucking Straight Boys Cock

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Aiden Rogers, Torin, Steve Wise

I brought Torin and Steven back in for another shoot, because over the phone they said they wanted a chance at make more money. I had them arrive first and got them in front of the camera, and they wanted to see the blonde that I had in store for them. When I called blonde, there was a knock at the door and in walked Aiden. Right away, Torin and Steven started reacting and didn't want Aiden to be there. I told them that I would pay the straight guys $500 to do the oral, and then Aiden was only going to make $300 for doing it. They told me no, but then Steven was the first to counter the offer and say that he would do it for $700. I told them yes, and then turned to Torin to see if I could get him in on the shoot as well. Torin was still upset that he thought I said the shoot would be with a girl. Aiden put up some of his own money to say that if he is better than Torin's girlfriend by the time they finish he would give Torin a hundred bucks. Starting to doubt the idea of the shoot being a threesome, Torin let out that he wanted a $1000 to do it. Once all three were on board we were good to get the shoot underway. All three boys started to take off their shirts and two of them stood to strip, while Steven just remained on the couch to strip off his shirt. I told the guys that blonde's name was Aiden, so that they would call him by name. Aiden dropped to his knees on the floor in front of Steven, who had his hands behind his head and claimed that he was going to keep his eyes closed throughout the oral. The gay boy pulled off Steven's shorts and underwear exposing the straight boys cock. Steven jerked it a couple of times, but Aiden just took a hold of the dick and started to suck on it. I told Torin to look and watch what was going on and that it wasn't going to horrify him. Torin said that it was fantastic, and then I told him to take off his shorts as well. I noticed as the shorts came down that Torin was packing a hard-on. That was my sign that he wasn't all that unaffected by what was going on. Sitting down on the couch, his dick was a lot more noticeable as it pointed to the side. I asked if Aiden could come over and suck on his dick, and Torin was a little testy. Especially, when Aiden tried to help with taking off the briefs, Torin wanted no help or extra contact. Torin crossed his hands over his eyes and Aiden put the dick in his mouth. Using his lips and tongue Aiden ran them up and down along Torin's shaft of his cock, and as this was going on Steven admitted that it felt great. Torin just laughed and was silent for a second before he said that it felt okay. I had Steven move a little closer to Torin on the couch, and then I had Aiden switch back over to Steven's dick. However, he kept his hand on Torin's dick to jerk him off, trying to keep the two straight boys satisfied at the same time. My next request was to have Aiden take both cocks in his mouth at the same time, but I should have known that Torin would have an issue with that. He didn't want dick-on-dick contact. Standing up and next to each other Aiden kept trying to please both of them, but Torin seemed to continue to be a little bitchy about it. Steven even put his hand on the back of Aiden's head to make him suck more. It was clear that Steven was on board and that I would be able to get him to do more in the future. The challenge was going to be Torin of course. Getting the couch turned into a bed, I figured that would give the guys a little more room to prepare for bursting their loads. While the straight boys took their place on the bed, I had Aiden get in the middle of them, so that he could continue to suck both of them. Going back forth, I noticed that he seemed to focus more on Torin who of course didn't want to admit that he liked the oral. That's when Torin started to lift his hips off the bed and fuck the hell out of Aiden's mouth. The two of them did this for about a minute, and my thought was maybe Aiden would be able to get him to cum from just oral, but I knew that was hopeful. After several more minutes, I told Steven and Torin to get on their knees in order to cum on Aiden's face. That's when Aiden started to freak out and it was because one of his favorite things happens to be facials. Stroking their dicks, it was a race to see which one would get off first, and Torin let out his warning. Several shots of Torin's cum squirted across Aiden's face, covering his lips and cheeks in cum. Then, after a minute or so Steven came on Aiden's cheek that was closest to him. Aiden cleaned his face off with a towel and from there he was able to jerk off and to do this his legs were up in the air. When he came, a couple drops of cum fell on his lower stomach. The guys did a great job. Hopefully, we are one shoot away from getting them to do anal.

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