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Axel Kane Fucks Ryan FieldsAdd Movie to your Favorites
Ryan Fields, Axel Kane

Axel Kane is already a little hard as Ryan Fields and him start making out, kisses turning more desperate as they get each other hornier by the minute.  Ryan takes Axel’s cock in his mouth, his lips wrapped tight around the shaft as he pulls it in and out of his mouth, pausing to place rough kisses on the swollen head.  Axel kneels on the bed to facefuck Ryan, who takes that dick down his throat as Axel pumps into him, but Axel knows that ass will feel so much tighter as he pulls Ryan’s legs up and pushes his pulsing prick into Ryan’s clenched hole.

Fucking him bareback, Axel slams his cock into Ryan’s ass, pounding him hard as Ryan grunts beneath him and takes the full length of Axel’s hard shaft.  Turning onto his stomach, Ryan bottoms for Axel, that long dick hitting deep inside of him as Axel slowly slides his raw cock in and out, holding Ryan in place as he jams his prick in him.  But Axel wants it even deeper and he pulls Ryan to the edge of the bed, holding his thighs apart and driving his cock inside of him as he fucks Ryan and gets balls deep in that ass.  As Axel pounds him raw, Ryan grips his own member and jerks himself off, nutting hard then lying back to accept Axel’s hot cum next.

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