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Ayden Fucks SkylerAdd Movie to your Favorites
Ayden Troy, Skyler Daniels

In today's BSB update, Ayden and Skyler sit down for a second scene. In their first, Skyler
learned how to blow a man. Today his lesson is how to take it like a man. Skyler is going to be
fucked. He's not at all pleased about the upcoming anal stuffing. His scene partner feels completely

"Pretty stoked," Ayden says to the cameraman.

We learn the lad with the changing hair styles has been a bad boy. Ayden's driving license has been
suspended for two months. Skyler's life lacks the drama of public transportation. He has a new car.

All of this introduction, while nice, is keeping us from the objective at hand (smile). The lads disrobe
and start pleasuring their individual bones. Because he will get a special treat, Skyler's
ass, Ayden sucks first. Skyler's pole gets rock hard after a few licks. Ayden can barely fit all of that
nasty ol' thing in his mouth.

Skyler returns the favor, and Ayden is very appreciative.

"Suck it," he whispers.

Skyler does, getting that sausage to full mast. He even tries to deep throat the monster. This
proves difficult of course, but give the boy an "A" for effort.

"You like that dick, huh," Ayden wonders.

Skyler would answer but there's something in his mouth :-)

Skyler pulls up and wipes the tears from his eyes. Dick sucking ain't easy! LOL! He gets on his
hands and knees, as Ayden puts on a condom. Lube is placed where it should be. Ayden gets his
tool in and starts deep dicking. Skyler closes his eyes and takes the invasion.

"God, your ass is tight," Ayden observes.

It won't be for long. As for Skyler, he's no longer feeling any pain.

"Oh, fuck me," he moans.

Ayden puts his hands on Skyler's waist and does so. The lads switch positions. This time Skyler
rides Ayden. Look at how Sklyer's rigid tool bounces up and down. The boy likes getting his boy
pussy filled.

"Fuck that tight ass," he demands.

Ayden asks how much Skyler likes his dick, but his partner is too distracted for such an obvious
question. There is one more position change. This time with Skyler's legs in the air. That hairy hole
gets what needs and wants.

"I'm about to cum," Skyler moans as he jerks his meat.

And boy does he! The load makes his hand and stomach wet with nectar. Ayden keeps fucking after
Skyler has busted.

"Fuck me," Skyler moans.

Ayden eventually pulls out and jerks a hot nut that lands all over Skyler's stomach.

When asked how everything went, Skyler first says it was rough. He then adds it wasn't bad and
Ayden gives his seal of approval.

Two satisfied customers! What about you? :-)

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