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College Stud Tyler Blaze Masturbates & Strokes It & Cums

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Tyler Blaze

Tyler Blaze is "kind of glad" to be in the BSB studios. He's been thinking about stroking on camera for some time due to a "ton of debt." We'll let him tell the tale. He found about us via Craigslist (who says you can't find hotties by advertising). He describes his jerking off history, which didn't start until he was 15. As he talks about what he learned in his sex education class, he strips to a pair of red underwear. Lovers of hair will groove to the fur that sprinkles his chest and stomach. And that backside!? Lordy! It needs some loving. LOL! Tyler gets on the bed and lubes up. Everything starts slow and sensuous. He takes his time to get his beef steak all hard and ready. When it gets stiff, he bites his lip and licks those luscious lips. This is one sexy man! The stud continues to take his time, making sure to enjoy each stroke. He stands up, jerking and shaking his johnson at the same time. The camera gives us a closeup of his stomach and chest. Real easy to imagine feasting on those man nipples. When he gets back on the bed, those big feet getting prime camera time, Tyler leans back. When he's close to cumming, the strokes increase in tempo. "Oh, yeah," Tyler groans. When he pops, his jizz spurts out of his piss slit. It coats and slathers all that cute stomach hair. "Easiest money I made," Tyler declares. Will he come back to earn more greenbacks? Hope so. :-)

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