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Tyler Blaze

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  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6.1 (185cm)
  • Weight: 175 (80 kg)
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.5/5

In his own words:

"I just need the money to take care of some shady shit."

Our comments:

"Tyler Blaze has classic good looks. He is a guy, it seems, from a nice neighborhood and upbringing who got in with the wrong crowd. Lucky for us!"

Producer comments:

"Tyler is hot from head to toe. His ass is almost perfect."

  • Straight Boys Gay Porn Revenge On My Ass

    Johnny Forza and Tyler Blaze fuck each other with raw intensity! Johnny is plugged first. He moans and groans, but Tyler takes his prize. Tyler lays down on his stomach for payback. Johnny gives as good as he takes. At the end, Tyler gets a cum coating!

  • Ms. Sabrina's Furnishments (Pilot Episode)

    As many of you have seen already, Ms. Sabrina doesn't play. Add a mixture of hot straight guys, sex, and tons of fun, there is bound to be a little trouble. When the boys get out of hand, Ms. Sabrina makes them put their oral skills to the test!

  • Brandon Nails Tyler Ass Bareback

    Tyler Blaze loses his virginity to Brandon Beal...raw. The boys suck each other first, then Tyler puts his legs in the air. When Brandon enters Tyler's hole, he's merciless and ignores the cries of his virgin boy. Watch where Brandon puts his seed!

  • Teen Blake Teaches Tyler How To Suck

    Tyler Blaze returns to learn the joys of oral sex, and Blake Bennet teaches him the ropes. Blake is a great teacher because he understands what a warm mouth can do. At first Tyler is a hesitant student, but when the lesson ends he earns a cum surprise!

  • College Stud Tyler Blaze Masturbates

    Tyler Blaze is the newbie on the block. He's unsure about jerking it, but really needs the cash! You'll be pleased he decides to because the hunk of a man has it all. Great face, stout dick, and a body few would turn away from. Let's hope Tyler returns!

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  • anonymous on 04/22/2019

    Brimg him BACK!!!

    • gchal00 on 01/30/2017

      Yes for sure. A beautiful, handsome nice and hairy Man!

      • bsb48cbwqz on 01/13/2017

        One of the bst ever. He should come back. A natural look, natural guy and great scenes

        • rockywil on 09/08/2015

          HE SHOULD COME BACK , Perfect 5 from me.

          • anonymous on 05/23/2014


            • brashbr on 12/11/2013

              And why haven't you brought back Tyler Blaze???? He needs to bring in a friend of his and he can teach him the ropes....

              • steve1968 on 12/10/2013

                So handsome, such a cutie.....

                • bertrand on 06/08/2013

                  I could suck Tylers'dick all day long! and all night long too...

                  • robbthree on 04/24/2013

                    Perfect 5 from me. Thanks guys.

                    • vrhem76 on 03/24/2013

                      Ooh I want those size 13s in my mouth