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Johnny Forza, Damien Kyle

Here is the thing about life at BSB: it's difficult to tell which performers will return. The ones you're certain will come back never do. Those who give a "one and done" vibe, keep returning for more.

Take Johnny Forza. In his solo, the New Jersey stud gave every indication he was heading back to Springsteen land. But look at him now! A BSB regular who makes the hearts flutter. LOL

On a quick serious note, please donate cash to the Red Cross. Too many folk in the Garden State are trying to clean up after Hurricane Sandy.

Back to Johnny! :-) His partner for this update is newbie Damien Kyle. Glad to see Damien is ready for a quick return.

"I'm good to go," Damien says when asked if he's ready to suck dick. We all love a boy who is prepared.

When the models take off their clothes, it's impossible not to notice their physical differences. Johnny is a mass of muscles while Damien is slim. Both are wearing boxers and there is a friendly competition about who has the better pair. Willing to bet both would do well in a BSB auction. LOL.

Their differences are not just physical. Damien is a quick stroker, while his scene partner takes his time to pleasure himself. The boxers are tossed aside and Johnny puts meat in his mouth.

Damien gives a sexy smile when Johnny chokes.

"He's doing awesome," Damien says when asked about Johnny's oral lessons .

He's not just being polite. Damien's dick is so stiff it can break some stones. Who can fault him? Johnny is breathing deeply as he licks that lollipop.

It's Damien turn. He gets on his knees and quickly starts working.

"You sure you never did this before," Johnny wonder.

Damien gives an answer, but can only offer a grunt. He fondles Johnny's heavy nuts and deep throats.

"Oh, fuck," Johnny moans.

Damien's own tool stays hard as hekeeps the Garden State stud satisfied. He jumps on the couch and puts his head back in Johnny's lap.

"Oh yeah," Johnny groans.

As he ever enjoyed a blow job as much as Damien's? The newbie repositions himself, but doesn't miss a beat. Slurping loud and slow.

"Make yourself nut." Johnny demands, turning all top-ish.

Damien sucks and pulls his pud at the same time, but returns to his knees to get the right position. With a bloated head in his mouth, Damien's seed splatters the carpet! Who's going to clean that mess up?

Johnny is next. He jerks his johnson for awhile, but soon his thighs contract and his juice lands on the couch and a leg.

"Nice," Damien says.

Smiles and sighs all around. What should Damien do next? Should that hole get some use? :-)

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