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Spencer Todd, Trey Evans

Today's update has Spencer "Red Rocket" Todd and Trey Evans. When the scene starts, both are in their boxers feeling each other up. Popped underwear tents are everywhere (grin). Do you really need a pre-bump and grind introduction when both models are lathered up to go? :-)

Trey sucks first and Spencer is in heaven the moment those lips touch his dick. He pushes Trey's head as far as it can go. The boy moans and gags as his mouth is stuffed with the Red Rocket's johnson. As we all know, Spencer is more than a mouthful! LOL!

"Oh, yeah," Spencer moans as he face fucks Trey.

Look how Trey's leg kicks out as he gags on the pole. Someone is enjoying his blowing duties. :-)

Spencer decides to show Trey how you handle man meat. He starts blowing Trey, going at it like he was born with cock in his mouth. The spit flows when Spencer is lapping at the lollipop, and Trey is loving the sloppy blow job.

Trey returns for a second taste of red dick, but it's short lived. He reaches on the bed post for a condom and rolls it on Spencer's tube steak. Lube is applied in all the right places. Trey gets on his back, with his feet close to his ears. That leaves his man hole vulnerable, which is exactly what Spencer wants. He fills it up in one stroke.

"Oh, fuck," Trey moans.

Spencer doesn't allow his partner to get used to anything. He long dicks him. Balls deep. Trey moans filth and groans, but never wants Spencer to slow down. Our bottom boy just grits his teeth and takes a well deserved fucking.

The Red Rocket pulls out, allowing Trey to reposition himself on the edge of the bed. Trey jerks his dick as his hole gets used and abused. Soon the pain subsides and Trey's hot button gets mashed multiple times. He's moaning and cussing like a sailor. Trey can't take it anymore and his jizz explodes from his dick. The lower half of his stomach is covered in his own goo.

Spencer isn't leaving that ass until he nuts. And he does. Right into the condom!! He pulls out of Trey's puffy male cunt and dumps the spunk filled condom on Trey's chest. He rubs all of the juice into Trey's skin, making it soft and sweet. Moisturizer!

"Now that was hell good," Spencer says.

Anyone disagree? :-)

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