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Ross Tays, Seth Hardy

Happy Labor Day to the BSB crew and family. Hope everyone was able to enjoy the last bit of summer joy. Seth and Ross are our thespians for today. The cameraman doesn't need to introduce us to these video vets. Plus, we all know what role pass around bottom Seth is going to take! :-) The boys strip, and Ross sits on the bed. Seth gets on his knees and puts his mouth to work on Ross' rod. Anyone notice that when Seth is into a blow job he gives a little whimper? :-) Ross pushes his partner's head, and Seth nuzzles to some pubes. He comes up for some air, and checks to see if his jaws are still in working order. "Oh, that is so fucking good. Hold it there," Ross says as he keeps Seth's head where it should be. Ross stands up and Seth keeps doing his job. He even follows the order to play with Ross' balls. Such an obedient lad! With no words, Seth stops sucking, and gets on the bed. He puts his ass in the air and waits for his drilling. Give Ross akind top star for putting some lube in his bottom's hole. :-) Seth is quiet at first, but his face has the occasional wince. Ross doesn't let him get used to the stuffing. Instead the top just gives slow, and strong, strokes. Ross pulls out, looking for a better angle. "You like that dick," Ross asks. "Yeah," Seth quietly moans. Ross decides it's time for a new position. He puts Seth in the fetal position, and keeps diving in that ass. "Look at me when I'm fucking you," Ross orders. Seth does so, and his whimpering gets louder because Ross is starting to fuck with more intensity. He rolls his bottom on his back so he can go deeper. He's going balls deep into that hot hole. Seth's eyes are closed and he strokes himself while getting pounded. The jabs to his happy button get the load we want to see. Creamy cum all over his stomach. Lots of it. Ross is happy Seth has a busted nut, but he's too into the booty to pull out. So he keeps pounding his bottom until he's ready to bust also. Seth doesn't ask for Ross to pull out, nor does he complain. Just lies there, with the occasional cry. Finally Ross does cum, his creamy man juice mixing in with Seth's. The thumbs up sign says it all. Our top is pleased! Who else should have a chance to pierce Seth's luscious buns? Do you think he can handle a gang bang? :-)

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