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These Friends Give Each Other A Helping Hand

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Ross Tays, Liam Corolla

The ever popular Ross is going to be introducing Liam into the wonderful world of handjobs. While Liam has never done anything with another guy before and is understandably nervous, he is willing to explore his boundaries with Ross' help. The two boys stood up and stripped off their t-shirts, Liam revealing a rosy red sunburn while Ross was tanned all over. Their jeans quickly joined their t- shirts in a pile on the floor, Ross and Liam sitting back down in just their boxers. Each boy snuck a hand underneath the waistband of their boxers and started to jerk themselves off. It didn't take Ross long to reach over and slide his hand into Liam's boxers in order to give Liam's dick a few pumps. Ross' ever present grin grew wider when Liam took the hint and did the same with Ross's dick. A minute or two later, both boys had rock hard dicks and it was time for them to release their cocks. Ross and Liam slid their boxers off onto the floor, their dicks begging to be wanked. A dollop of lube on each cock and they both went back to jerking each other off. While it was completely new to Liam, there was no denying he was fascinated with how his hand slid up and down Ross' thick shaft. As for Ross, he was an old hand at wanking but he couldn't tear his gaze from Liam's dick. Pausing only to pump more lube onto his dick, Ross quickly dribbled some down the length of Liam's dick as well. Ross and Liam worked the lube into their own cocks, their hands slick from massaging the slippery concoction into the delicate skin of their dicks. Almost simultaneously, the two boys went back to wanking each other off, Liam shyly commenting on how hard Ross's dick was which only made Ross grin all the more. Ross gave Liam a certain kind of look and Liam nodded back, saying it was good. At Ross's gesture, Liam leaned back into the sofa, his arms crossed behind his head as Ross took control of his own dick again. Showing off his skill at multi tasking, Ross jerked both himself and Liam off at the same time and was quickly able to set a steady rhythm. Ross played a little with Liam's cock, slowly sliding his hand up and down the shaft one moment while gently twisting his hand around the very tip the next. There was no doubt that Liam was loving what Ross was doing as he had his eyes closed even as he panted heavily with excitement. A couple of minutes later, Liam decided to return the favor and went back to wanking off Ross with slow and steady strokes. Pausing only to put more replenish the lube on both dicks, Ross showed Liam a handy trick that had him almost cross eyed in ecstasy, Liam exclaiming that even his girlfriend had never done such a thing! Ross took the compliment in his stride, obviously pleased to be able to put his hard earned skills to good use. He then suggested that they try something a little different. At Ross' direction, Liam knelt down on the floor next to Ross while Ross sunk further down into the sofa. Leaning back, Ross relaxed into Liam's handjob as he closed his eyes and indulged in his own private fantasyland. Liam, on the other hand, got a little daring and ran his fingertips over Ross's balls a few times even as he kept jerking Ross off. "I'm gonna fucking cum!' muttered Ross, his hips ever so slowly grinding up and down. Not in the least bit put off, Liam kept fisting Ross' dick even as he pumped his own cock. Sure enough, a few moments later, Ross shot his load, the cum dribbling down his shaft and Liam's hand. For a straight guy who has never had another guy's cum on his hand, Liam took to it like a duck takes to water as he took his time in making sure the cum covered every spare inch of Ross' dick. Sitting back up on the sofa, Liam relaxed as Ross took matters into his own hand. Taking control of Liam's cock, Ross wrapped his hand around the thick shaft and pumped his hand up and down. However, Liam shifted to lay back against the arm of the sofa so Ross had to re- adjust his grip. Liam tipped his head back, enjoying the handjob as Ross wanked him off at a furious rate. Maybe it was first time nerves or the different environment but it took a few minutes for Liam to finally release his load, the cum flooding down his shaft and between Ross' fingers.

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