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Brandon Beal Fucks Teen Boy Trey Evans Tight Butt & CumsAdd Movie to your Favorites
Brandon Beal, Trey Evans

The sound you'll hear in a few minutes is Trey Evans' cherry being loudly popped by Brandon Blane. According to our about to be virgin stealer, he has experience in taking away the innocence of women. "I've taken plenty of female v-cards," Brandon says. "They all get attached." Trey is insistent he won't cling to Brandon after the deed is done, but does anyone believe that? Who can resist Brandon, no matter if he's kicking your virginity to the curb or not? The boys strip to their undies and feel each other up. Of course they get hard, and that means someone needs to suck dick. Trey opens his mouth and tries to swallow as much as he can. It's not much, but the soon to be broken in bottom likes what's he doing. He can barely control his own breathing. And his own monster stays steel hard as he sucks. "It feels great, " Brandon answers when asked how Trey's blow jobbing is. Brandon wants to show Trey how to really treat a pole, so he pulls him off. Look at Trey's face. He's about to cry because his mouth is denied a beef missile. Brandon deep throats the boy and Trey can barely contain himself. He grabs the headboard and those piglets of his curl like the witch from that movie we've all seen. :-) He cries "fuck" and "oh, yeah" as Brandon nuzzles the pubes. Trey looks looks like he must nut, but there are other things that must be done. Like a passionate kiss. Brandon sure knows how to lip lock. After the kiss is broken up, Trey gets on the edge of the bed. His perky ass is exposed to whatever might come its way. Brandon is a gentleman when it comes to kissing and going down on a dude, but when the fucking starts he's all about himself. Sure Trey's hole has been unexamined, but Brandon enters in one steady motion. "Oh, fuck" Trey moans. Brandon fucks balls deep. He gives that pale ass a smack. Trey might be a virgin, but he knows what he needs. "Fuck, yeah. Fuck me," he whispers. Trey climbs on the bed, his ass still in the air. Brandon keeps plugging away. Trey is so horned his legs lift up. His face is contorted like he's in pain, but his tool is sticking straight out. Even if there were pain, Brandon wouldn't care. Once he's in, all he cares about his nut. The fucking gets intense. Trey ends up on his stomach. Our top stud pulls him up and keeps on going on. "Get on your back," Brandon commands. The fucking remains deep to the balls. When Trey gets close to exploding he whimpers and curses. Such a dirty mouthed boy. Brandon fucks a creamy load out of Trey. And just so the bottom boy know he's been busted, Brandon offers a few strokes even after Trey has ceased nutting. Brandon pulls out, and jerks himself to an impressive burst. His cum lands on Trey's chest, coating the lad with precious man slime. The boys share a tender kiss, but before the scene is over Brandon spreads Trey's cheeks so we can see what his hole looks like�post-virginity. Is it time for Trey to take on two well endowed tops at the same time? Be the tasty meat in a three way sandwich? Who should they be?

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