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Zane Tate, Johnny Forza

Be honest. Many of you hit your knees and prayed to Eros after Johnny Forza's solo. Your appeals
have been answered because the New Jersey stud is back in the BSB studio.

The straight lad is rather down because last time he was with us, he was certain that would be it.

"I didn't think I was going to be back," the sad boy tells the cameraman. "I need money. Again."

Zane sits next to the perturbed stud muffin. Although Zane has been in only three action vids, few
would complain about his sexual acting. Plus, there's that freaking wang of his! Lord have mercy!

The models stand up, and take off their shirts. There's some talk how Johnny will feel with a guy
sucking his rod.

"It's going to be a weird. Not too happy for it," Johnny says.

Apparently only a few guys have asked for the honor of servicing him. The New Jersey boy is a
lying liar. With his body, face, and mega dick, more that a few dudes have begged to kneel down.

Zane insists whatever skills he's learned, it's only because of his BSB work. With both boys safe in
their straight-hood (grin), they sit down to jerk off. Zane's zucchini is hard first. He has that habit,
no? Zane reaches to give Johnny some aid. That jazz hand does the trick and Johnny is stiff.

Zane leans over and starts sucking. At first Johnny is noncommittal. Doing his best to show he feels
nothing. But a sweet mouth is always sweet. Especially Zane's. He licks that meat like it's candy ---
with a white filling inside.

Johnny gets on his back (not for THATů.grin), and Zane keeps working. The muscled hunk must be
into what's happening because he puts a hand on Zane's head. All the work is making Zane's eyes
water. Look how red they are when he looks into Johnny's face.

Zane plasters his thigh with man goo while Johnny's joint is in his mouth. He strokes Johnny,
whose breathing turns ragged. The boy cries when he nuts, his load lathering his stomach and

"It wasn't that bad," Johnny replies, when asked how he feels. "I don't want to do it again."

Sounds VERY familiar. Do you think he'll be back for more man-on-man? What's the next line
Johnny should cross, if he cums back? :-)

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