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  • Age: 20
  • Height: 6.1 (185cm)
  • Weight: 175 (80 kg)
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 9.0 (23cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.5/5

In his own words:

"What's up! "

Our comments:

"Big thick cock! What more can we say?"

Producer comments:

"I was completely shocked this kid was willing to do this."

  • He Likes To Slobber On My Sausage

    Trey Evans is worried about the size of Zane Tate's member. He should be because Zane's ready to screw a boy senseless! That's what happens in this action packed scene. When it's all over, Trey is thanking all the gods and Zane. You'll be doing the same!

  • Zane Sticks His Cock Inside Anthony

    Zane Tate and Anthony are the stars of today's BSB feature. Anthony takes his standard role as bottom. His hole will never be the same after a proper stuffing from Zane's Tate impressive appendage.

  • Straight Boy Johnny Forza First Blowjob

    Hung hottie Johnny Forza returns, even though he was certain he was done! He's paired with another monster meat model, Zane Tate. Zane shows Johnny what a talented tongue can do.

  • Spencer Todd Loses His Ass Cherry

    Spencer Todd has shown little mercy to those who bottomed for him. Today Zane Tate will bust Spencer's cherry, giving the Red Rocket a taste of his own medicine.

  • Not Sure I'll Be Able To Walk After That

    Zane makes a return visit to try some fucking. Seth has the honor of being the bottom boy, but he's a little nervous. Will he be able to walk after Zane is finished?

  • New Guy Gets On His Knees & Sucks Cock

    Brandon, Spencer and Zane discover the taste of cock, not to mention, the joys of snogging other guys. Watch as all three boys have their horizon's broadened!

  • 20 Year Old With 9 Inches Jerks Off

    Zane Tate is new in town and looking to make a quick buck. Luckily for us, he's decided to strut his stuff on camera for our benefit. Take a look at this boy's dick and decide for yourself if it might be one of the biggest on BSB?

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  • Gianniplays1 on 08/11/2018

    They should have put Zane on salary and any boys that got out of line had to ride the monster in their next scene. Really - they have ZERO hung tops.

    • reyno8151 on 07/26/2015

      I guess with his last video being Sep 2012, I guess he's not coming back. What a bummer!

      • reyno8151 on 07/26/2015

        I wish he would bottom

        • arthurvandelay on 02/02/2014

          Zane needs to stretch a raw ass - so the bottom bites the pillow and grabs the sheets

          • lp1010lp on 01/05/2014

            will zane ever bottom?

            • cbtb412 on 09/24/2013

              Zane is Gorgeous I would love him to be inside me

              • joediaperguy on 08/11/2013

                HOT HOT HOT Zane has become quite the Top - his scene with Trey Evans shouldn't be missed!

                • fellows on 06/27/2013

                  Zane is the best stud I've seen on Straightboys so far... would easily pay to see more Zane

                  • simpsoncptx on 06/19/2013

                    MORE PLEASE

                    • Spencer on 04/14/2013

                      Zane does it all and is really good at it. Like to see more of him. He'd be great with Adam, Skylar