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Kodi, Liam Corolla

Look who is back? Fan heart throb Kodi and newbie sensation Liam. Lilí Kodi has his trademark smirk when looks into the camera
and says heís in the mod for a ďrevenge fuck.Ē Thereís some trepidation in Liamís eyes, but heís being a trooper today. ďI deserve
it,Ē he replies with a slight smile. Considering how he treated poor Kodiís hole last time they were together, who can really argue?

The pants quickly come off. Liam is naked first, and his monster is already a little hard. Mmmmmmm. Maybe he is more than
ready for his punishment. They both start pulling their dicks, and in a few swift strokes Liam is all ready to go. The camera spends
some time on his body, from those furry thighs to his perfect pale chest.

Soon enough both give each other a hand, so to speak, and Kodi's handiwork makes Liamís dick even harder. Kodi leans over, and
opens that pretty mouth. At first he only takes the head, but soon deep throats. The gagging sounds echo in the studio, but Liam
doesnít care. His eyes are closed, as he encourages his new best friend to ďsuck that dick.Ē

Kodi does whatís he told, but quickly stops. He comes off Liamís dick with a smack and places a tender kiss on the young manís
face. The two tongue dance for a bit. No deep French kissing, but just enough tenderness to make you feel jealous.

Kodi returns to his job, and it looks like Liamís dick has gotten bigger (is that even possible?). But as we all know, Kodi is nothing
but a trooper. Once he starts a good blowjob he wants to finish it. Liam is in heaven; then does something that still is pleasantly
shocking in hindsight. He pulls Kodi's head off his dick and plants a kiss on the boyís lips. This one last longer than the first kiss
and is a bit more passionate. Liam even reaches over and strokes Kodiís dick. Liamís member is rock hard and Kodi returns to his
(blow) job. Is it fair to describe Kodi as the best cocksucker on the site? He gags and slurps with a gusto few can match.

There is a third round of kissing, and this is the most intense. Maybe itís the way Kodiís body is snuggled up to Liamís. Could be
itís the fact Liamís dick goes full mast. Whatever the reason, these two know how to make a scene feelÖdare it be said? Romantic?

Soon it's Liamís turn to do some sucking, and Kodi pushes the lad head down where it should be. Liam works his magic, and Kodi
coos nice and dirty. ďChoke on that cock. Yeah, fuck.Ē Kodi moans as Liam tries to take as much as he can.Pay attention to Liamís
toes as they curl at one point when he puts all of Kodi in his mouth!! Somebodyís excited!!

When Kodi asks if Liam is ready to get fucked, all Liam does is nod his head, but his dick? Standing straight out and ready to
burst! Methinks heís ready. Liam goes on his hands and knees, and the camera zooms for a close-up of that pearly white ass. The
hole looks inviting and tight, ready for a Kodi invasion. Kodi lubes up and pushes his dick in one swift motion. Liam moans when
that ass is busted, but Kodi gets all the revenge he wants. Liam whimpers a few times, but mostly we only hear Kodiís groans and
the sound of dick punishing ass.

Kodi decides to let Liam ride him, but itís not clear if this is a better position for the newbie. Everyone knows Kodi likes to fuck an
ass hard and furious, and that is what he does. Those big balls slapping against Liamís smooth butt.

When Liam is put on his back, with his legs in the air, the pain/pleasure mixture is more obvious. He stays hard, but grimaces
when Kodi hits that special spot. And Kodi is nothing but beast. He gets all his revenge back by fucking Liam long and deep. So
much so that Liamís head ends on the bedís edge.

There are some special treats at the videoís end. The first is when Kodi pulls his dick out and shows Liamís freshly fucked hole to
the camera. Itís nice and wide. So much so that Kodi decides to spit into it. As for the second surprise, itís after both have spilled
their copious loads (Kodi''s lands right on Liamís dick); Liam proves there are no hard feelings after the hard pounding and still
offers Kodi a sweet post-coitus kiss.

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