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Liam Fucks His First Guy Who Has Little Experience Add Movie to your Favorites
Kodi, Liam Corolla

Liam Corolla is back in the studio, along with the always popular Kodi. The two boys were already bare chested before the cameras even started rolling, a clear sign that they were both looking forward to getting the show on the road. While Liam has had a handjob from Ross, today would be the first time he has ever gone 'all the way', thus, he can't decide if he is more excited about the prospect of making some easy cash or getting to fuck Kodi's twink ass. Kodi, on the other hand, said he wasn't looking forward to it at all but the slight grin on his face belied his statement. Eager to move forward, the two boys stripped off their jeans and shorts, revealing half hard cocks. At my hint, Liam dropped to his knees and wrapped a hand around the shaft of Kodi's dick. Mouth open wide, Liam leaned forward and slid the hardening cock into his straight boy mouth.

Taking to cock sucking like a pro, Liam bobbed back and forth on the stiff dick. Kodi moaned in pleasure as he felt the piercing through Liam's bottom lip rub his shaft in all the right ways. 'Suck my cock!' ground out Kodi as he pulled Liam in closer. A moment later, he told Liam to choke on his cock, Liam doing just that as the tip of the dick brushed the back of his throat. Holding onto his own dick, Liam tried deep throating again only to gag but like any true professional, he kept doing his job. Getting a little daring, Liam leisurely licked up and down the length of the rock hard cock, much to Kodi's appreciation. Now however, it was time for the turnabout. Kodi hopped up onto the bed, laying down slightly on one side while Liam stood at the side of the bed. Cock in hand, Kodi fisted his own dick even as he swallowed down Liam's cock. Right away, Liam was more than impressed with Kodi's oral skills as Kodi went right down to the root. Hands on hips, Liam couldn't help but stare down as his dick was expertly handled by Kodi. Letting the cock slip from between his lips for a moment, Kodi too the opportunity to swirl his tongue around the cockhead before licking up and down the hard shaft. Soon enough though, Liam was ready to fuck a tight ass.

Kodi got up onto his hands and knees, his ass facing Liam while Liam got himself prepared. With his dick liberally lubed, Liam started to work his cock into Kodi's tight ass. There was obviously some discomfort for Kodi but not even a minute went by before Kodi was demanding that Liam 'fuck that ass!' Liam, of course, was happy to oblige but was careful to take it slowly to begin with, his hips undulating in a slow roll as he started to fuck his first ever guy. A moment later, Liam was comfortable enough to pick up the pace, Kodi's low hanging balls gently swaying to and fro. Always one of the more vocal boys while being fucked, today was no different for Kodi which was in direct contrast to the virtually silent Liam. However, it was easy to see that Liam was panting just as heavily as Kodi from all his hard work. Liam gave Kodi a slap on the ass, leaving a bright red handprint on the pale skin, something that made Kodi moan all the more. A moment later, Liam gestured for Kodi to get up.

Liam lay down on the bed and held his dick up straight, while shooting a grin towards Kodi, whom immediately scrambled up onto the bed. Straddling Liam's hips, Kodi sat all the way down on Liam's thick cock, groaning as he felt the cock slide all the way up inside of him. Leaning back and bracing himself on the bed, Kodi raised himself up and down. Even though it was a difficult position, Kodi got a steady rhythm going as he fucked himself on Liam's cock. As Kodi did all the hard work, Liam reached around and tried to jerk Kodi off but it proved too difficult but it didn't deter Liam from gently stroking Kodi's stomach a few times. With a somewhat pained expression his face, Kodi balanced on one hand even as he both jerked himself off and kept using Liam's dick as a flesh dildo. It soon proved to be too tiring for Kodi to keep it up so he suggested switching to missionary, something that Liam heartily agreed with. Kodi flipped over onto his back, legs bent back and spread wide as Liam knelt in between them and slowly worked his dick back into Kodi's hole. As Kodi wanked himself off, Liam thrust back and forth, the sweat dripping down his brow as he inched closer to the finish line.

Dick slipping out for a brief second, Liam slammed back home, eliciting a hard groan from Kodi. "Oh, fuck that ass!' demanded Kodi, his hand flying up and down his own shaft. Liam, obviously liking what he saw, took over for Kodi for a few tugs, relishing the feel of Kodi's dick in his hand. Somewhat surprisingly, Liam leaned right down and kissed Kodi, who just as quickly returned the passion. All the time the two boys snogged, Kodi's hand never left his dick. The only time Liam paused in his fucking was to bend Kodi almost all the way over and off bed in order to lube up his hole with some always helpful spittle. Thrusting right back in again, Liam raced towards the finish line but it was Kodi who came first, the cum spurting over his stomach and down his side. Obviously turned on by watching Kodi, Liam pulled out, tore off the condom and furiously wanked off until he sprayed the length of Kodi's body. The boys ended things with a tired but still passionate kiss.

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