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Can This Noob Take Jason's Hard Power Fuck?

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Jason Matthews, Rex Lane

Two hotties, Rex and Jason, are on the couch today. Neither of them have been in the studio since New Years so Jason talked about giving up alcohol the week before New Years and how he ended up going to bed early while Rex said his night was filled with crazy people doing crazy stuff. As Jason then stated, it was time to get right down to the nitty gritty. The two boys took off their tops, their jeans quickly following even as I couldn't help teasing Jason about Rex showing him how to deep throat properly which only made the boys laugh. Sitting side by side, Jason and Rex played with their soft cocks, working on getting them hard. Like always, the boys had rock hard cocks in no time at all, their stiffies pointing towards the ceiling. Jason took one good look at Rex's hard on and, without a word, pounced on it, sucking it deep into his mouth as he wrung a groan out of a surprised Rex. Twisting his head this way and that, Jason went to town on Rex's dick, licking up and down the shaft, all the while, Rex stared down in awe of a job well done. Rex tightened his hand around Jason's cock, slowly pumping the shaft even as he moaned in delight from Jason's ministrations. Going all the way down, Jason gagged as the head of the cock brushed the back of his throat but like a true pro, he kept up the good work. There was no doubt that Jason relished the taste and feel of a cock in his mouth, something that Rex was obviously appreciating. However, it was now time for Rex to show off his oral skills. Sitting back against the couch, Jason relaxed as Rex swallowed down his hard dick, only to be amazed when Rex instantly went deep. Rex handled Jason's dick with practiced ease, all the while, Jason watched as his dick dipped in and out of Rex's mouth. With a hand wrapped around his own cock, Rex leisurely jerked himself off even as he showed off a few new moves. Every now and again, Rex would pull off in order to give the hard shaft a couple of pumps before swallowing the stiff dick back down his throat.By now, both boys had managed to work up a steady sweat, however, the work wasn't over as Jason was about to ride Rex for all he was worth. As Jason got himself prepped, Rex knelt on the arm of the sofa, patiently waiting for Jason to start the fucking. Lubing up his dick, Jason worked his cock into Rex's tight ass. Moaning as he felt the dick slid all the way into his ass, Rex lowered himself down onto his elbows as he concentrated on his breathing. As Jason pumped his hips back and forth, Rex reached up between his legs and started to wank himself off. From the way Rex was moaning, there was little doubt that he was enjoying the way Jason was leisurely fucking him. Likewise, Jason was relishing the feel of a tight ass around his cock even as he couldn't help but gently run a hand down Rex's leg before giving an ass cheek a slap. Speeding up, Jason got somewhat dominant as he pushed the much taller Rex down onto the couch. Pausing only to dab on some more lube, Jason immediately speared Rex's ass again, much to Rex's pleasure. The two boys were definitely in the moment, Jason leaning down and locking lips with Rex who reciprocated with some tongue. By now, Jason was fucking like a jack hammer while Rex was moaning like a bitch from the pleasant sensations. Diving down again for another kiss, Jason groaned that Rex's ass was 'so tight'. Jason was pounding Rex's ass without mercy, all the while, Rex dripped with sweat as he took the punishing pace in stride. Slipping out for a brief second, Jason slammed back in, his hips pumping back and forth like a machine. Continuing his dominant stance, Jason decided they needed to swap positions so he turned Rex around onto his back before grabbing Rex's ankles and dragging him into a more suitable position. Another dollop of lube and Jason worked his cock back into Rex's ass. His knees bent all the way back, Rex started playing with his cock as he worked on showing off a cum shot, all the while, Jason rode him like there was no tomorrow. As Jason bent down for a kiss, there was no doubt that Rex liked the way he was being fucked as he tried to pull Jason in even further. It wasn't going to be long before the boys blew their loads, it was just a matter of who went first. Sure enough, even as his ass was being pounded, Rex shot all over his stomach, the cum dribbling down his sides. The sight prompted Jason to pull out, tear off the condom and start jacking himself off. A mere minute or two later, Jason groaned in pleasure as cum dripped over Rex's abdomen and into his pubes.

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