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Jimmy & Aaron Rubs Their Cocks In Their Shorts Then Screw

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Jimmy Johnson, Aaron West

There was no warm up chit chat as Jimmy and Aaron decided to get down and dirty right away. Sitting on the bed next to each other, the two boys rubbed their cocks through the material of their jeans and shorts before Jimmy took Aaron's hand and placed it on his dick. Aaron took the hint and stroked Jimmy's cock for a minute or two, Jimmy yanked down his shorts a moment later. Pulling his dick through the slit in the front of his undies, Jimmy gestured for Aaron to get to work and as such, Aaron leaned over and slid the thick cock between his lips. As Aaron leisurely bobbed up and down, Jimmy couldn't help but run his hand back and forth over Aaron's shaved head. Using his tongue stud, Aaron tickled the head of the big dick, Jimmy groaning in pleasure. With a hand on the back of Aaron's neck, Jimmy pushed down, Aaron taking it in stride and managing to swallow most of Jimmy's cock. Taking off his shorts, his dick still standing to attention through his boxers, Jimmy got up onto his knees as he directed Aaron to keep sucking his cock. Holding Aaron's head still, Jimmy pumped his hips back and forth, face fucking Aaron. Taking it like a complete pro, Aaron paused for a moment so that Jimmy could throw his boxers to one side before going all the way back down. Fondling Jimmy's well shaped balls, there was no doubt that Aaron quite liked the taste of cock as he soon had Jimmy panting hard. Aaron showed off his oral skills as he swallowed Jimmy down to the very root before letting the cock slowly slide back out of his hot, wet mouth. It wasn't long before Jimmy indicated he was more than ready, thanks to Aaron's expert skills, to ride Aaron's ass. As Aaron pulled his jeans down to his knees and rolled over onto his front, Jimmy rolled on a condom and lubed up his cock. Holding his dick straight, Jimmy worked his cock into Aaron's tight ass. Aaron moaned loudly as he felt every inch of the big cock sliding into his ass. As he dipped his dick in and out, Jimmy had Aaron moaning like a bitch almost right away. Driving his dick deep into Aaron's ass, Jimmy showed he had the stamina to go for days, all the while, Aaron was gripping onto the mattress for dear life. Aaron panted in pleasure as Jimmy slowed down, leisurely rolling his hips so that his dick hit all the right spots. Reaching underneath himself, Aaron started to jerk himself off as he got more and more turned on by getting fucked. A slap to Aaron's ass and Jimmy told him to turn over. Kicking off his jeans, Aaron stripped off his t-shirt as Jimmy applied some more lube. On his back and legs spread wide, Aaron took hold of his own dick as Jimmy slid right back home. Jimmy was able to pick up the pace, slamming back and forth, something that Aaron obviously appreciated. Playing with his cock, Aaron was giving his dick piercing a tug every now and again even as he moaned in delight. Another gesture from Jimmy and the boys swapped positions again. Aaron rolled over onto his side, Jimmy spooning behind him and working his cock back into Aaron's ass. One.. two.. three.. thrusts and Jimmy, thanks to the feel of Aaron's tight ass, was too close to cumming to continue so he pulled out again. Kneeling next to Aaron, Jimmy furiously jerked himself off before unleashing a torrent of cum all over Aaron's cock and balls, the cum dribbling down into Aaron's pubes. Only a moment later, Aaron showed off his cum shot as he spurted up over onto his lightly haired lower stomach, cum rolling down his hip.

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