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Jason Matthews, Bradley

Since the last time Jason was in the studio, he has had a rough time of it as he had unfortunately broken his ankle in a roofing incident. While he has now recovered, he has found that the resulting medical bills have made him to give Broke Straight Boys a call in order to find some quick cash. Thankfully, I was able to arrange a shoot with the ever popular Bradley. Although Bradley has been asking for a turn at topping, today, however, Jason will have the enviable task of riding Bradley's ass. The boys quickly stripped down naked, their clothes thrown every which way on the floor.

Sitting on the bed next to one another, Bradley and Jason wanked off until their cocks were rock hard. When he deemed that Bradley's cock was hard enough, Jason, without any hesitation, leaned right over and slid the thick dick between his lips. Right away, it was easy to see that Bradley was loving Jason's expert ministrations. Turning his head this way and that, Jason pulled out all the tricks on Bradley's cock, all the while, jerking himself off. All too soon, it was time for Bradley to show Jason just how much he had learned so far at BSB. Bobbing up and down, Bradley concentrated on the task at hand while Jason moaned in pleasure. Bradley even got daring, trying a few new moves such as rubbing the tip of the hard cock along the inside of his cheek. There was no doubt that Bradley had paid attention to his lessons as he took some gentle face fucking all in stride. Bradley was more than content to let Jason take the lead, even allowing Jason to dominate him by pushing down on the back of his head so that he was made to go all the way down.

Once Jason was hard enough to crack concrete, the two boys got themselves ready for the main event. Bradley turned onto his side with Jason spooning behind him, gently working his cock into the tight ass. Slowly, Jason thrust in and out as Bradley concentrated on his breathing. It wasn't long before Jason was going hard and fast, all the while, he held Bradley's leg up so that there was a great view of his dick sliding in and out of the straight boy ass. As he was fucking, Jason couldn't help but gently touch Bradley here and there and Bradley seemed to relish the familiarity of the contact as well. The boys were so in tune with each other, that when Jason suddenly bent down and locked lips with Bradley, there was no doubt that the room sizzled with passionate chemistry. Taking control and showing off his dominant side, Jason pulled out and swivelled Bradley around, pushing and pulling him into the desire position.

Directing his dick back into it's favorite place, Jason rode Bradley slow but hard. Bradley was moaning in pleasure as Jason expertly rolled his hips. Leaning down, Jason kissed Bradley, the two boys trading a little tongue before Jason went on to lick and suck at Bradley's delicious nipples. Another quick peck on the lips and Jason was fucking in earnest as he got closer and closer to cumming. As Jason got faster and harder, Bradley was groaning in enjoyment that was tinged with discomfort. Jason was fucking Bradley so hard, Bradley had to cling to the mattress for support so that he didn't slide off the bed. Jason bent down to kiss Bradley, whom immediately rose up to meet him, both boys left breathless by the snogging. At Jason's gesture, Bradley turned over onto his elbows and knees while Jason knelt behind him. Able to thrust right back in, Jason rode Bradley's ass hard and fast, all the while, Bradley grunted on each thrust.

His face buried in the mattress, Bradley was proving that he could take a good pounding as Jason fucked him without mercy. By now, both boys had worked up a hard sweat and it wasn't going to be long before one of them announced they were ready to cum. Pulling out, Jason furiously fisted his cock and only moments later, he sprinkled cum all over Bradley's just fucked hole. Not too far behind him, Bradley turned over and jerked himself off until he shot cum over his stomach. Unable to help himself, Jason just couldn't resist another snog with Bradley, who obviously didn't mind at all.

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