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Straight Bad Boy Jimmy Johnson Gets Spit Roasted

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Jimmy Johnson, Jamie Wolf, Drake Hart

Jimmy, Jamie and Drake are all lying on the bed together, half naked and as Jimmy so eloquently put it, there is going to be a lot of fucking and sucking going on. Jamie is going to be the filling in a man sandwich which means Jimmy and Drake are going to be on either end. I could see the boys were ready to get going so I got Jamie to strip off his jeans and underwear then turn around and get down on his knees so that he could show off the ass that was going to get fucked. Jimmy, being his usual cheeky self, reached out and gave Jamie a hard slap on his ass cheek that made Jamie yelp. Drake decided to join in the fun and smacked the other cheek, Jamie leaping backwards and rubbing his ass. Jamie sat back down as both Drake and Jimmy got themselves naked. Each boy grabbed their dick and started jerking themselves off, Jimmy and Jamie good naturedly tossing insults back and forth while Drake just laughed. Suddenly, the boys fell silent as they wanked off in earnest while watching some straight porn. But boys will be boys and only a minute or two later, Jimmy and Jamie were at it again. To put an end to it once and for all, I had Jimmy stand up on the bed and told him to keep Jamie quiet but Jamie just slapped Jimmy's dick away from his face even as he kept jerking off. Finally, Jamie did what Jimmy demanded of him and got up onto his knees. Leaning forward, Jamie allowed the stiff dick to slid between his lips. Bobbing back and forth, Jamie lazily sucked on Jimmy's dick but Jimmy wasn't satisfied and told Jamie to do it properly. Jimmy grabbed Jamie's head and made him to go deeper. Jamie wasn't happy but complied until I pointed out that Drake needed some attention as well. Standing up, Drake was instantly appreciative of Jamie's cock sucking skills as Jamie went to work on his dick. 'It's finally quiet, huh?' said Drake to Jimmy who responded by grinning and giving Drake a hi-5. At Jimmy's direction, Drake started to gently face fuck Jamie, his hips rolling as his cock slid in and out of Jamie's talented mouth. While this was happening, Jimmy was tugging on his dick and watching the scene intently. Turning around, Jamie grabbed hold of Jimmy's dick and jerked him off, all the while, continuing to orally pleasure Drake. Jamie quickly proved he was skilled at multi tasking by swapping over to Jimmy for a few minutes then back to Drake. Suddenly, Jimmy asked if Jamie could fit both cocks in his mouth at once, and never one to back down from a challenge, Jamie just gestured for them both to move in closer. Sure enough, with a dick in each hand, Jamie was able to suck on the head of each cock at the one time before swapping back and forth between Jimmy and Drake again. Now however, it was time to get down to the main event. Getting down on his hands and knees, Jamie winced when Drake gave his ass a few good slaps. Lube squirted down Jamie's ass crack, Drake slowly rubbed it into Jamie's hole, getting him ready to take some cock. As Drake did this, Jimmy stood in front of Jamie and moaned in pleasure when Jamie sucked down his dick. Jamie worked overtime on Jimmy's dick even as Drake played with his hole, fingering him as he rubbed the lube in. Jimmy and Drake swapped sides; Jimmy slowly working his cock into Jamie's tight ass even as Drake slid his dick into Jamie's straight boy mouth. Soon enough, Drake was panting hard from Jamie's attentions while Jimmy worked on picking up the pace. However, a strong thrust from Jimmy proved to be too much and Jamie winced, the cock slipping from his mouth for a few moments as he concentrated on his breathing. It wasn't long before Jimmy was riding the tight ass hard and working up a sweat even as Drake was breathing heavily from the excellent blow job he was receiving. Flipping Jamie onto his back, Jimmy made his dick back in and set a steady pace. Drake moved to kneel beside Jamie's head and even thought it wasn't the easiest position, Drake started to slowly face fuck Jamie. As Jamie got fucked on both ends, he reached down and wrapped a hand around his cock, jerking himself off. By now, all three boys were sweating heavily and it was obvious that they were close to cumming but it was just a matter of who was going to cum first. Pulling out, Drake jerked off furiously and minutes later, cum spurted over Jamie's shoulder and chest even as Jimmy was still fucking Jamie. Next was Jamie, cum dribbling down his shaft and onto his stomach and last but not least, Jimmy pulled out and tugged on his cock in his unique double hand style until he splashed Jamie's stomach, cock and balls with his own cum.

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