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Straight Boys Shoot Their Loads On Each Others Tongues

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Rocco, Jamie Wolf

Rocco and Jamie are on the futon today and of course, they are so broke, they will do anything for money. Jamie says he needs money for rent and bills while Rocco blames his girlfriend for making him poor. Although neither of them are desperate enough for dosh to get fucked, they are considering a suggestion of letting a guy cum on their tongue. As Rocco, Jamie and myself talked about it, I informed them that I would be paying them $800 each, an amount that quickly put to rest any reservations they may have had. In a bit of fun, I handed them a toy water pistol each, filled with milk, and told Rocco and Jamie to practice a bit. Both boys instantly started squirting at each other, Rocco and Jamie laughing hard as the milk got everywhere. Directing Jamie and Rocco to sit on opposite ends of the futon, I got Jamie to close his eyes and stick out his tongue so that Rocco could practice. Rocco pulled the trigger and sprayed Jamie everywhere but on his tongue. Trying again, this time, Rocco coated Jamie's tongue with the white milk. Now it was Jamie's turn to get some revenge on Rocco. Taking off his t-shirt and throwing to the floor, Rocco closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. Jamie had perfect aim, hitting Rocco on the tongue each time he pulled the trigger on the toy water pistol. Finally, with the boys well practiced on shooting their loads onto each other's tongues, it was time to get down and dirty. Setting the water pistols aside, Jamie and Rocco stripped off naked and started playing with their dicks as they watched some straight porn. It didn't take long for Rocco to get hard as a rock, with Jamie not too far behind him. As Rocco was hard first, Jamie leaned over and slid the hard shaft into his hot, wet mouth. His head bobbing up and down, Jamie soon had Rocco panting in pleasure. So much so, Rocco grinned and said that Jamie was good at sucking cock. Even hard at work on the cock in his straight boy mouth, Jamie summoned up enough attitude to flip Rocco the bird. Jamie, after experimenting a little, fell back on the old straight boy standard of pumping the cock while sucking on the head but Rocco didn't mind too much as he gave the camera a big thumbs up. Rocco stood up, Jamie on his knees in front of him and immediately sliding the cock between his lips again. Despite Jamie saying he doesn't like sucking cock, there was no doubt that Jamie was better at giving oral than he had been last time. Again, Rocco admitted that Jamie was better than he thought at giving head. As Rocco said he was close to cumming, Jamie let the dick fall from his mouth and stuck his tongue out even as Rocco furiously jerked himself off. Soon enough, cum splattered over Jamie's tongue, Jamie leaning in and cleaning off Rocco's cock. Wiping his tongue on the towel, Jamie sat back on the futon and started wanking off, Rocco sitting next to him. A moment later, Jamie stood up on the futon and crossed over to Rocco so that Rocco could return the favor. Rocco didn't have the skills that Jamie does when it comes to giving head so Jamie gently face fucked him, moaning in pleasure as he thrust in and out of Rocco's mouth. Pulling out, Jamie was half hard but preferred to jerk himself off as he watched the porn. It wasn't long before Jamie said he was ready to cum. Eye's closed, Rocco stuck out his tongue, gagging as Jamie sprinkled cum over his tongue and down his chin. Both boys did a great job and were willing to do something a little different so make sure you watch out for them in the updates!

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