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This Is Jimmy Johnson's First Time Ever Sucking A Guys Cock

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Jimmy Johnson, Rocco

In the studio today are Rocco and Jimmy and like always, they are willing to do pretty much anything for some quick cash. However, today, Jimmy will be taking another big step towards getting his 'all the way gay' card; sucking on another guy's dick. Surprisingly, Jimmy has thought about cock sucking for a month or two now and has come to the conclusion that it can't be that bad so he's willing to give it a try. Unfortunately, his willingness only goes so far and even though I offer him double the money for Rocco to cum in his mouth, Jimmy isn't up for it. Rocco is back because his rent is due and also his cell phone bill is sky high while Jimmy has just paid his car insurance and is now, of course, broke. The boys stood up, quickly stripping off naked before sitting turning around and flashing their well rounded ass cheeks to the camera. Sitting back down on the futon, Rocco and Jimmy worked on their dicks as they quickly became hard. Watching them wank off, it was surprising how different Rocco and Jimmy were in how they wanked off; Rocco was slow and smooth while Jimmy was more aggressive and twitchy. Finally, both boys were ready for action, Rocco leaning over and swallowing down Jimmy's big dick. As Rocco slowly sunk most of the way down on the fat cock, I told him to make a little bit of noise, even as Jimmy grinned and gave the thumbs up sign. It looked like Rocco had been paying attention to his cock sucking lessons as he was able to go right down to Jimmy's balls. As Rocco jerked himself off, Jimmy pressed down on Rocco's head, indicating that he was getting off on the deep throating. Rocco came up for breath and as I could see that despite Rocco's best attentions, Jimmy had gone half soft so I told Rocco to jerk Jimmy off. As Rocco wrapped a hand around Jimmy's dick and started wanking him, I asked the boys if they would kiss. I expected them both to say no but instead, they immediately asked how much. I replied that I would pay them $50 each, Jimmy saying he would kiss without tongue for $50. I then upped it to $75 on the stipulation that they give it some passion and tongue, both boys saying it was a deal. Together, Rocco and Jimmy turned to each other and locked lips, each one putting in a little tongue into the kissing while both Rocco and Jimmy's cocks stood at full mast. Breaking apart, Rocco and Jimmy instantly started wanking themselves off again, obviously turned on by the kissing but neither of them were going to admit it. I told Rocco to get Jimmy all the way off so Rocco slicked up Jimmy's cock with the lube. Sliding his hand up and down Jimmy's fat cock at a furious pace, Rocco was jerking himself off at the same time. 'Faster!' moaned Jimmy, 'Faster!' Naturally, Rocco obliged, putting in extra hard wrist action as Jimmy climaxed, cum dribbling down his shaft and all over Rocco's fingers and hand. Jimmy had to tell Rocco to let go of his cock as he is one of those guys who is extra sensitive after cumming and amusingly enough, his cock twitches of its own accord. After Rocco and Jimmy had wiped themselves off, I told Jimmy it was time that he sucked some cock. Putting on his extra serious face, Jimmy twisted around to face Rocco and bent down over Rocco's dick, his mouth open wide. However, Jimmy paused for a brief moment before quickly bobbing up and down on Rocco's long dick. One.. two.. three.. then choking, Jimmy pulled off for a second only to go right back down. Jimmy, even though he was doing his best, he couldn't help but scrape his teeth along side Rocco's dick by accident. Not put off by the incident, Jimmy kept bobbing up and down. Jimmy pulled off again, saying he needed a break, taking a brief few seconds before going down on Rocco again. I told him he could jerk Rocco off at the same time but Jimmy shook his head even as he sucked on the cock in his straight boy mouth. Surprisingly, Rocco admitted that the blowjob felt pretty good. The strange taste of cock in his mouth caused Jimmy to choke again but back down he went before coming up for air and exclaiming that Rocco's dick was 'so big!' Jimmy asked how much longer he had to give head for and I told him to keep going as it hadn't been that long. Breaking it up a little, Rocco stood up, Jimmy on his knees in front of him and swallowing down Rocco's cock once more. Jimmy slide the cock in and out of his mouth, trying to get used to the taste of another guys dick. Despite his best efforts, Jimmy gagged, saying he had earned his $200 in giving a blowjob but I said I needed another minutes worth so Jimmy, rather reluctantly, sucked on the tip of Rocco's dick. 57.. 58.. 59.. 60 seconds and Jimmy let the dick drop from his mouth and sat back down on the futon. Rocco sat down beside him and Jimmy grabbed hold of Rocco's dick and started jerking him off only for Rocco to wince at Jimmy's too strong grip and tell him to go more gently. Jimmy was going too hard and fast for Rocco so Rocco took back control for a few minutes to get himself close before allowing Jimmy to finish him off. Only a minute or two later, Rocco sprayed cum over his stomach and into his pubes.

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