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Jamie Wolf, Matt

Jamie has returned to the futon today as he is still in need of some quick cash and is joined by Matt, who is also broke. Matt is unemployed but earns a meagre income by washing windshields of passing cars while Jamie is still homeless and working as a sign flipper. They are in the studio today to do a dual jerk off for $100 each. As Matt was new, he stood up first and stripped off his t-shirt, revealing a well built upper body dotted here and there with some of his six tattoos. Next to come off were Matt's jeans and black boxers, Matt turning around and showing off his nicely rounded ass cheeks to the camera. Surprisingly, Matt was already half hard just from taking off his clothes, obviously excited by what he was going to be doing.

Now it was Jamie's turn to get naked, which he did pretty quickly before sitting back down and playing with his dick. Both boys were getting along well and had great chemistry together so I knew that this was going to be an interesting shoot. Matt and Jamie watched the straight porn as they worked on getting their cocks hard. It didn't take long for Matt to be rock hard, Jamie not far behind him as he stroked himself off in a fast pace. As a way to break the silence in the studio, I told the boys to look at the camera and say, 'I love jerking off!', which they did with a laugh. I told Matt and Jamie that I would give one of them an extra $100 if they stroked the other's cock. Taking barely a moment to consider it, they each reached over and, for the first time, wrapped their hand around another guy's dick.

It was something unusual for both of them, however, from the expression on their faces, neither Matt or Jamie thought it felt too bad. As Matt pumped Jamie's cock, Jamie told him to go faster and of course, Matt dutifully obliged even as Jamie himself wanked off Matt all the faster. The boys were doing well, their hands sliding up and down with only a quick break to pour more lube on the hard dicks. I could see that they were both pretty close to cumming so I got them to stand up and face each other in order to compare the size of their cocks, even though Jamie admitted that Matt had the bigger dick. The boys quickly went back to putting in some hard wrist action as they jerked each other off. As Matt and Jamie were so comfortable with each other, I asked them if they had ever kissed another guy before but both of them were immediately ill at ease and even though I offered another $50 each for them to kiss, neither of them would take the offer.

However, Jamie proved he had some great skills in giving hand jobs as Matt suddenly grabbed control of his cock again as he climaxed, great spurts of cum raining down on the studio floor much to Jamie's bemusement. As they sat back down on the futon, Matt blamed the extra hot porn on his early release but it was obvious that Jamie had a pair of magic hands. Even though he had already cum, Matt was working hard on his dick and it looked like he was going to be able to cum again even as Jamie was getting closer to his own release. I told Matt that I would give him $50 if he let Jamie cum over him. They both laughed at the offer but agreed to do it, Matt saying Jamie cumming on his chest would be fine.

Soon enough, Jamie indicated he was just about ready to cum and leaned up over Matt, and with a couple of hard tugs on his cock, cum dribbled over Matt's stomach, arm and side while also splattering onto the futon. Both boys did well and are interested in coming back for more work so watch out for them in the updates.

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