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Jimmy Johnsons Explores Gay Porn & Gets Paid

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Jimmy Johnson, Rocco, Slink

My friend Rocco got ahold of me and begged me for some cash. Rocco has some boundaries, but it is pretty easy to get him to fuck around with another guy if the price is right. Fortunately, Jimmy had been pretty impressed with easy money, too, and Jimmy was hitting me up for some dough as well. I thought it would be fun to see how far we could get Jimmy to go, and I gave him some incentive by telling him I would let him jerk off again, but it had to be with a new guy. Rocco and I asked Jimmy to go find the new guy himself. Since Jimmy is desperate for cash I figured he would be able to spot another desperate boy quick. It didn't take long for Jimmy to find someone; a young guy named Slink that he found at a bus stop nearby. So once these three were in the room, I made sure to get their shirts off quickly, asked them to do some flexes and then had them get down to their underwear. There is something really hot about three straight guys in their underwear sitting down on the couch nervous as fuck about what is coming next. I decided to drop the pretext and get these cheap guys hard. The first one to get hard to get hard earns a $50 dollar bill. Well, Rocco won that bet, Jimmy came a close second. Jimmy was trying to get that hard on first because he is a money hungry kid, and I could see he was a little disappointed. This Slink kid was looking over at the other two dicks, and I really wondering what, if anything, was going through his head other than the money. Jimmy, on the other hand, was keeping his eyes on the porn, trying to avoid thinking about the fact that he was actually sitting there with a hard on next to these 2 guys. After a few minutes, Slink was not getting hard at all, so I told him he should make himself useful and give Jimmy a hand-job. Slink did it, which blew me away at first. Jimmy had never had another guy's hand on his cock, and told me he really didn't like it--that it doesn't feel good. Still, Jimmy getting his pole worked for some cash looked good to me. I decided it was Rocco's turn to get some attention on his big cock, and told Slink to work on Rocco. At this point I was curious if any of these guys would kiss for some extra cash, and there I ran into some serious resistance. Luckily for me, after some banter and negotiating, Rocco and Slink started kissing for a little while. Jimmy was pretty much disgusted by the kissing, and his cock started falling. When Rocco and Slink stopped kissing they rubbed their mouths off - Rocco hated every minute of it. He even said "I don't even kiss girls that I fuck!" Well, I guess the girls he fucks isn't putting money in his pocket, either. I was really interested in seeing some cum start gushing, so I instructed Slink to get Rocco off, and with a little bit of work, Rocco jizzes and some of it gets on Slink's hand. Slink says "Ah, nasty!" I, myself, don't really care that he thinks it is nasty, because Slink obviously needs the money, he even said he would lick it up for $100 more! I didn't take him up on it because I don't want these boys to think they can just keep upping the ante. I want to keep these boys hungry for money so they keep doing more. Jimmy agreed to cum on Slink, who is obviously the little bitch of this threesome, and it took him a minute to get off, but eventually he did. Although he missed the chest and only some of it went on Slink's arm. Jimmy's big problem is that he wasn't looking down when he came because he was worried about not being able to cum while another guy was in view. The boys did good, and some boundaries were pushed, so I am hoping that after these lazy fucks blow through their money they will come around for some more.

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