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Mississippi Boy Strokes His Meat To Make Some Extra Dough

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Eric Wiley

The newest arrival on the Broke Straight Boy's futon is Eric Knight . He is 20 years old with thick dark hair, brown eyes and hails from Mississippi. Eric is here to earn some money that he can put towards some fines he received relating to when he stole some alcohol, along with some friends, from a shop back when he was 16 years. As he is bisexual, Eric has been with both men and women but this will be his first time in front of a camera, however, Eric quite shyly explained that he was good at sex so he wasn't too worried about performing for an internet audience. Eric went on to say that he jerked his 8.5 inch cock at least 3 times a day and considered himself a bit of a shooter when cumming. Standing up and taking off his shirt, Eric said that had size 13 feet and was 6' 2" tall. With his shirt off, Eric showed off a broad chest with a tribute tattoo to Lady Gaga across one pectoral. He was a little self conscious and nervous as he stripped off naked but Eric seemed to be relaxing into the shoot. Sitting back down on the futon, Eric admitted that, when at home jerking off, he usually used his imagination as fantasy and preferred not to use any lube. Eric started playing with his cock and as he massaged his low hanging balls, it was obvious that it wasn't going to take him long to get hard. Only a mere minute into wanking off, Eric was able to double fist his dick as it hardened between his hands. Tugging hard at his cock, Eric's heavy balls bounced up and down as he set himself a fast pace. Eric was getting really into his own private fantasy as his cock was rock solid, even as he rolled his balls in one hand while concentrating on rubbing a thumb over the very tip of his dick. Shifting positions, Eric lay down on the futon, his legs spread as he put in some hard wrist action. With a tight grip on his balls, he thumbed the tip of his dick harder as he got closer to cumming. Whispering he was about to cum, Eric grunted as he shot over his stomach, pubes and chest in a rapid volley of cum. Grinning, Eric looked relieved to have cum. I told he had done a great job and that if he wanted, I'd be able to get him back in and into a couple of other shoots. As Eric was ok with this, make sure you look out for him in the updates.

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