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Diesal, John, Corey Fulton

Diesal and Corey are at Broke Straight Boys to teach Corey how to fuck another guy in the ass. Corey was all set up to get fucked by John but John had trouble keeping his dick hard as he is a straight boy, so, I brought Diesal into the studio to lend a helping hand. Both John and Corey are going to bottom with Diesal providing the huge cock. All three boys stood up and stripped off even as I reminded them to take off their socks for the BSB members enjoyment. Sitting back down, they all started playing with their half soft cocks. The boys were looking pretty eager to get into it so I told them to go for it; Corey sucking on the head of Diesal's cock as John licked up and down the shaft. Right away, Diesal had an expression of pure bliss on his face as Corey and John encouraged his cock to full mast. Diesal's cock was so big, both boys were able to suck on the head at once before they took turns at pumping the long shaft while licking around the tip. As Corey worked his magic on Gigantor, John took the lead and sucked on the huge balls. Diesal stood up next to the futon, his cock immediately being swallowed down by Corey, all the while, Corey was being jerked off by John. Corey was doing so well, Diesal was able to start face fucking him. Taking control of his cock again, it was obvious that Corey was loving Diesal's dick in his mouth. Finally, it was time to get down to the fucking. With the futon opened up, the boys got prepared. With Corey on all fours, Diesal slowly slid his cock into the tight ass even as John lay out in front of Corey, jerking off as he watched the other two. Every thrust wrung a moan out of Corey even as he bobbed up and down over John's cock. Diesal took advantage of Corey's longer hair, pulling his head back as he set up a steady pace. Even having John's cock down his throat didn't quieten Corey's moans as Diesal continued to pound his ass. Once Corey had John's cock rock hard, John reached under Corey and started stroking his cock in return. Diesal was able to ride Corey's ass hard, Corey groaning as he took the pounding. Diesal flipped Corey onto his back, thrusting his dick straight back in as John held Corey's legs open. Feeling brave, John leaned in and sucked Corey's cock as Diesal was fucking Corey. Diesal switched the pace to long and deep strokes as John pulled on Corey's cock. A few minutes later, Diesal asked John if he was ready to give bottoming a go, John confirming that he was ready. John lay on his back, Diesal taking it ultra slow as he penetrated John's virgin ass. It was obvious that John was experiencing more pain than he had expected from his first cock, Diesal reminding him to breathe and relax as John kept gasping. It took a bit but finally, Diesal was all the way inside of John. Being a virgin and having to take a big cock like Diesal's for the first time is no small matter but John was doing extremely well even if he was in discomfort. After allowing John to adjust, Diesal set a slow but steady rhythm, John telling Corey to play with his balls and jack him off. Whispering that it hurt even as Corey sucked on his cock, John was gasping in pain each time Diesal thrust into him. After a few more minutes, John said he couldn't take it any longer so Diesal pulled out and started to jerk off, Corey kneeling on one side of John and doing the same. Clearly turned on by watching John getting fucking, Corey quickly sprinkled cum over John's chest and stomach, shaking his cock and splattering John in the face with cum. Poor John, after saying he didn't like cum on his face, all of Diesal's cum landed on his face, Diesal laughing even as he tried to apologise to John. Far from impressed, John said that he would lick Diesal and Corey's cocks if it meant he didn't have to do his own cum shot, to which I agreed. Immediately, John started licking Corey's dick, gagging from the taste as he moved in towards Diesal and cleaned him off as well. I have to hand it to John, for a genuine straight boy, he did very well taking his first cock and even some cum sucking.

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