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Diesal, Mike Robbins, Josh Stuart, Shane Willis

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we have a bit of a treat as we have four of the most popular models all together in one room; Diesal, Mike R, Josh and Shane. Now, because the three straight boys and even our resident porn professional don't really want to get fucked today, I decided that they were going to do a purely oral shoot. The boys stripped off to their underwear, making sure to take their shoes and socks off, looking every inch of an Abercrombie and Fitch advert as they sat back on the bed. With the porn playing, the boys didn't waste any time in getting down to business, both Josh and Shane taking the lead and sucking dick first, Mike and Diesal just sitting back and relaxing. Only a moment later, Shane and Josh switched sides with Shane sucking down Mike while Josh took on Diesal's monster dick. Mike was astonished when Shane deep throated him almost immediately, Josh working hard as Diesal gently thrust up into his straight boy mouth. It was time to switch it up, Josh sitting back against the headboard, Diesal swallowing him down even as Mike went to work on Shane's cock. It was clear that Shane and Josh had a real connection between them from the way Shane lay his hand on Josh's thigh, Josh reciprocating by squeezing Shane's arm. They were so cute together, I asked them to kiss, both boys immediately leaning in towards each other and locking lips even as Shane pushed Mike's head down, forcing him to take more cock down his throat. Mike and Diesal stood up on the bed, leaning against the wall as Shane and Josh went back to sucking on their hard cocks. Shane was so enthusiastic about giving Mike head, he even bumped into the camera while Josh had Diesal moaning for more in only a moment or two. Josh and Shane switched again, Diesal enjoying Shane's eagerness once more even as Mike was pleasured by Josh until Mike suggested they lay on the bed and do a daisy chain, Josh laughing and telling Mike it was his turn on Diesal's dick. All four boys had a dick in their mouth; Mike sucking on Diesal who was swallowing down Shane while Shane deep throated Josh even as Josh worked hard on Mike. Only a few minutes later, the boys took control of their own cocks again, jerking themselves off so they were rock solid once more. Deciding upon something a little different, Josh sat in an armchair, sucking on Diesal's cock while Shane knelt on the floor and sucked him off even as Mike lay on the bed, stroking his cock as he watched what was happening. Mike was too turned on to continue just watching so he joined in on the action, Diesal telling Josh to suck Mike's dick. Josh was showing he had true stamina as he easily switched from Diesal to Mike, all the while Shane's head was bobbing up and down as he pulled out all the tricks for Josh. Not wanting Diesal to feel left out, Mike wrapped a hand around the huge dick, putting in some hard wrist action. Soon enough though, Josh was the bitch boy, sitting in the chair while Diesal, Shane and Mike stood around him, all with cocks waiting for Josh's hot, wet mouth. Shane was first, thrusting in and out of Josh's mouth, multi tasking by fisting Diesal's hard dick even as Diesal jerked off Mike as they waited for their turn with Josh. Josh switched over to Mike again, swallowing down his friend's stiff dick while Diesal moved to stand behind Shane, leaning against him and stripping Shane's dick with a tight fist until Shane came, spraying cum all over Josh's upper body. Shane collapsed back onto the bed, Diesal going back to stand next to Josh, wanking off as he watched Josh still sucking on Mike's cock. It was only a matter of seconds before Diesal coated Josh's back with liberal sprays of cum. Mike gestured at the bed, telling Josh to hop on, both Mike and Josh leaning against the headboard, legs spread wide as they jerked off. Josh came almost immediately, squirting himself over his stomach and chest while Mike was only a minute after him, clearly turned on by watching Josh climax, spraying cum all over his neck, chest and down his lower abs. The boys were exhausted from their strenuous workout but happy with $500 each. I'm sure the boys will be back soon so keep an eye out on the updates.

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