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Josh Stuart Add to Favorites
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe: 8 US (41 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.39/5

In his own words:

"My girl sticks a finger up there sometimes, but not very often."

Our comments:

"Josh was very good looking; 19 years old, straight, dark hair and tall. He is a friend of Mike who also appears on the site."

Producer comments:

"You will enjoy Mike pounding into Josh's tight ass. "

  • Four-way Oral Fun 10-13-2010

    Shane, Diesal, Josh and Mike R show off their impressive oral skills and stamina in this extra hot video!

  • Mike, Josh & Shane (hd) 08-21-2010

    Mike R still owes Josh money but is broke, however, Josh needs it asap while Shane can always do with some extra bucks. One of these boys is going to get fucked. Which one is it going to be?

  • Shane & Josh (hd) 08-07-2010

    Our broke straight boys Shane and Josh are in need of more money and back to make some more. See how broke these guys are.

  • Mike & Josh (hd) 06-30-2010

    Mike R and Josh are going all the way today. See how well Mike breaks in his buddy's virgin ass.

  • Mike & Josh (hd) 06-28-2010

    Mike R is back with his buddy, Josh, in order to get some cash together for another ATV. This time, Mike shows Josh how to suck cock!

  • Josh & Mike (hd) 06-26-2010

    Josh and Mike are in this hot scene. What will these Broke Straight Boys do for cash?

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  • bsb4xzkztg on 01/23/2018

    Bring back Josh and Mike please and diesel and Bobby with curly hair and Jimmy Johnson he finally bottoms it was a real hot scene but he was wearing these stupid underwear with the butt showing it would have been harder without Jimmy Johnson's underwear on all you have to do is type in Jimmy Johnson bottoms pornstar Jimmy Johnson bottoms I want season 2 of Brook Street Boys on here TV network you guys left it on the cliffhanger where the boss was mad

    • whynot on 11/15/2017

      Bring Josh back! He is generous and sensitive to his partners, and I'd love to see how he's grown and matured. I love watching him.

      • bsb2mchypa on 07/05/2017

        Bring Josh back

        • boi147 on 03/01/2017

          Josh is one of my all-time favorites. Whenever I can't get off to other porn, I just go back to Josh and he gets me off big time!

          • dbernelle on 09/21/2015

            Sorry this got so long... Needless to say, the gentle adventures of Josh Stuart's "journey" were delightful to watch & I wouldn't mind a "look at where he is now" in life, especially sexually. I know lots of guys come in for a bit & then disappear for one reason or another, but Josh's willingness to try new things had a delightful revealing. One could certainly think of possible journeys that both Josh Stuart & Mike Robbins might possibly have taken (especially if they really were "best friends"). This most likely would have lead to a relationship that many BSB members would have found interesting & even envious! Your staff might try looking Josh Stuart and Michael Robbins up to do an interview and possible sex scene, to see where they both are now, "in life." Above all, Josh seemed easy going, willing to try new things (at the gentlest of invitations), and always seemed to enjoy himself, never forgetting to please his partner, and his willingness to trust others. At the time of his videos, he had an ideal body build, genuine personality, was innocently attractive, knew exactly what he was doing, and in spite of the grand excuse that was used to create the need for earning money (a new ATV), Josh was an instant lure for his "best friend," Michael Robbins (plus Mike doing almost all their scenes together for free - giving his portion toward his friend's new ATV). Mike's fixated eyes and his sexually interests for his friend (that I'm sure he had long before any video camera ever entered their lives), told more than, I think, Mike realized (not he cared that others knew). As I insinuated before, of all of Mike Robbins friends that knew that Mike did "gay for pay," Josh Staurt knew where he was following his friend on that first day on the set and allowed himself to be talked into his own desires, in a manner that preserved his sexual pride and public sexual philosophy. If I had to choose a word to describe Josh Stuart, it would be "pleasing."

            • jmo252 on 03/06/2014

              Josh is so cute. I love his smile.


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