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Leon, Preston, Zakk

Broke Straight Boys is pleased to have Zakk, Preston and Leon in the studio today. The boys had already discussed what was going to happen during the scene beforehand and I could already tell that this scene was going to be extra hot as the boys were at ease with one another and getting along really well. As it looked like all the boys were going to top and bottom, they were going to get $1500 each. The boys stood up and started stripping off, each one revealing a toned and taut body. Sitting back down, the straight porn playing, the boys started working on their dicks, Zakk immediately leaning over and taking Preston's cock into his straight boy mouth while Leon did the same for Zakk. Preston pushed Zakk's head down, telling him to 'suck that dick!' Leon worked hard on Zakk's huge cock before suggesting the Broke Boys Wave go the other way, grinning as Zakk swallowed down his stiff cock while Preston sucked on Zakk's before sliding to his knees in front of him. A few minutes later, Leon decided that they should open up the futon and get comfortable as they did a daisy chain; Zakk sucking on Leon while Leon swallowed down Preston who was blowing Zakk. It wasn't long before everyone was ready to take it to the next level with Leon telling Zakk to bend over for him. Leon was made to go slow as Zakk's ass was really tight, Preston telling Zakk to suck on his dick to take his mind off it all even as Leon pushed Zakk into leaning down further. It was only a moment before Zakk was moaning and panting in pleasure, loving the feel of a dick in his ass as he sucked on Preston's cock, Preston encouraging Leon to go harder and slapping Zakk's ass cheeks. Soon enough though, it was Preston's turn. With Zakk laying on his stomach, Preston thrust into him from behind on an angle even as Leon knelt in front of Zakk, telling Zakk to pay attention to his dick. Almost immediately, Preston set a hard and punishing pace, Zakk panting in bliss as he was fucked in both holes. Zakk's ass was being thoroughly punished by Preston's dick when Leon had the bright idea of fucking Preston at the same time, so, he knelt behind Preston and slid all the way into his ass. Like always, Preston was loud and vocal as Leon started to fuck his ass, wrapping his arms tightly around Zakk even as Zakk lay there, just taking the extra weight behind Preston's thrusts. Suddenly, it was all too much for Zakk and he decided he had had enough of being fucked for the moment so they switched it up. Preston lay on his back, legs spread wide as Leon slid into him, Leon setting a sedate pace. Kneeling behind Leon, Zakk was made to go slow as he started thrusting into him, Leon gasping in discomfort as Zakk worked his way into his ass. It took a few minutes before Leon was comfortable and Zakk was able to pick up a steady pace, his thrusts propelling Leon into Preston even as Preston fisted his own dick. It was an awkward position for all involved so Zakk pulled out and sat back, jerking off and fingering Leon's ass while Leon pounded into Preston. Zakk decided it was his turn at Preston's ass, setting a hard and fast pace from the outset, causing Preston to moan for more even as Leon made his dick down Preston's throat. Preston was panting too much to continue sucking on Leon's cock, so Leon went back to wanking off as he watched them fucking. Preston swallowed down Leon's dick once again, ridden hard from both ends even as he jerked himself off. It was clear that all three were close to cumming and it was only a matter of who. It was Zakk who came first, spurting over Preston's cock and balls, followed almost instantly by Preston, spraying himself over his chest and neck while only a few minutes later, Leon shot all over Preston's face, getting him in the mouth. All three boys were exhausted after their work out but they are looking forward to coming back to the studio soon so look out for them in the updates.

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