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Bringing In The Gay Guy To Help Guy Get Off

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Zakk, Ryan Rush

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back Zakk and introduce Ryan. Although Ryan has previously been in a scene with Ashton, due to BSB members asking about Zakk, this video is coming out first. Ryan is a big fan of the site and wanted to model for us but because he is gay, there are very few opportunities for him with BSB, however, he was so cute, I decided to make an exception. Ryan had hinted that he really liked Zakk and wanted to get fucked by him and as it happens, I had recently managed to get back into contact with Zakk, so, it was easy to organize the shoot.

Zakk and Ryan were sitting on the futon together and I could see that Zakk was just as shy as he was in his previous shoots, Ryan is pretty quiet as well but I figured once he gets Zakk's huge cock up his tight ass there will be plenty of noise from them both. I explained to Zakk that Ryan loved being a bottom so, with a price of $800 for Zakk and $700 for Ryan, it was time to get the show on the road. The boys stripped right off, revealing their hot, well toned bodies. Sitting back down on the futon, they stroked their cocks as they watched the bi porn. Ryan just couldn't take his eyes off how big Zakk's cock was and he was more than eager to get on his knees and suck on it. I had to ask Zakk how big his dick was, Zakk saying it was 8 inches but I have to say, it's one of the biggest 8 inch dicks I've seen. Ryan's talented mouth soon had Zakk moaning as he peeked down at Ryan bobbing over his cock. Zakk stood up, indicating that Ryan should sit on the futon and suck him off, Zakk panting that 'it feels so good!' as he rested a hand on the back of Ryan's head.

It was time for Zakk to return the favour, so he sat next to Ryan, leaning over and taking the semi hard dick into his straight boy mouth. Ryan leant back and relaxed into it, tugging on Zakk's dick. Zakk stopped for a moment, licked a finger, slid it underneath Ryan's balls and started fingering Ryan's ass. It was pretty clear that Zakk was enjoying himself as he sucked on the hard cock, even doing some deep throating, and from Ryan's expression, he was in heaven. Opening up the futon, Zakk lay down, Ryan blowing him back into being super hard, all the while Zakk moaned and watched Ryan intently before deciding it was time to fuck.

With Ryan leaning forward over a cushion, Zakk started to slowly thrust into him, however, it had been a while since Ryan had been fucked so he was very tight, so much so, Zakk ended up going a bit soft. Getting hard again off camera, they were ready for round two. As soon as he was in, Zakk was able to pick up a steady pace, both boys being very vocal as they fucked, Zakk demanding Ryan tell him if he liked that big dick up his ass. Without a word, with his dick still buried deep inside Ryan, Zakk picked him and spun him around so that Ryan was now on his back, facing Zakk. The new position was better for them both, Zakk was able to go faster and deeper while Ryan, indulging in some hard wrist action, was feeling every inch of the monster cock inside of him.

His hips snapping back and forth at a furious pace, Zakk warned me that he was close, only a second later ripping off the condom and dribbling cum all over Ryan's cock and stomach while Ryan came at almost the same time, his cum mixing with Zakk's on his abs. Both boys were exhausted but it was money well earned. I know that Zakk will be coming back as I have some scenes with him in mind and of course, the Ashton and Ryan video will be up soon so keep an eye out for it.

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