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Straight Boy Gets His Hole Fucked Hard

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Preston, Zakk, Kyler Benz

I was getting ready to shoot my last scene in the old studio, before we completely get moved in and started at the new location. In preparing to do my last shoot, I wanted to go out with a bang, so in picking the guys that would give me some hot interaction that was going to make a shoot for the record books. I decided to put Kyler and Zakk together again, because so far their scenes have been very good that I wanted things to go to the next level. Adding to the duo team, I called in Preston who has been doing very well in the shoots and has been opening up to trying more and more with guys. All three of them were setup to come into the studio later on in the week. That day I had most everything packed up and ready to go, so really I was just waiting on the boys to show up. When everyone was there I had them pack into the shoot room on the old futon, since I hadn't had time to replace the one that Preston broke. All three boys knew to be prepared for anal and that I wanted the best show they could give me. The plan was that they each were going to make $1500 a piece, and I didn't care what they did, and if they were straight, gay, or bi. Actually, I could tell that they were just as excited for this shoot as I was, but they like the idea of total control over what happens. The first thing I had them do was strip out of their clothes, and all the guys stood up in front of the couch and started with peeling off their shirts. After that their shorts came off, and all the guys had on some kind of boxers. Each of them was in very good shape, with nice abs, tone chests, and smooth skin. I didn't have to tell them, the guys just went for their boxers and took a seat on the couch covering up their packages. I told them to work on getting hard and just go with whatever they wanted, and all three started to jerk their dicks as they looked at the porn on the tv. Preston was the first one that turned to Kyler sitting next to him and told him to suck on his cock. He then put his hand on the back of Kyler's head and directed his mouth to go down on him. Kyler didn't mind and was actually getting very good at giving oral. A second later I told Zakk to go ahead and help Kyler out at the same time and they would be doing the broke straight boy wave. After a few minutes it was Preston who spoke up and said that they should go the other way. Zakk's cock was the biggest out of all three of them, and his cock was as hard as a rock. I had the other two guys both suck and lick Zakk's cock at the same time. It was hot to see the straight boy get turned on by all the attention his dick was getting. Then, Preston moved over to suck on Kyler's dick. All the guys were turned on it and it was clear that they could fuck, they all stood up to change the couch into a bed. Kyler was the first one to speak up and say that he had last got fucked by Zakk and it was Preston's turn for the big cock. Preston asked if Kyler really wanted to see that and he said yes. The guys got on the couch and they each took their place with Preston in the middle in the doggy-style position. Zakk was able to get his cock in and start fucking Preston's very tight hole. At the same time Preston sucked on Kyler's dick to keep his mind concentrated on something else other than the pain that his ass was feeling. After a few minutes, Preston started to complain about the pain vocally and I told Zakk that this was only his second time bottoming. The fucking was hot and intense between Zakk and Preston which made them irresistible to take your eyes off. Kyler's dick was hard and it seemed as though he might be able to fuck, and so I told him to get ready. The boys took the opportunity for Preston to flip over on his back. Kyler has his moment of getting to fuck a guy, something that so far on camera he hasn't been able to do. While the fucking was going on, Zakk did his part and jerked Preston off to give him some attention. Plus, the hot part was when Kyler was plugging Preston's hole, and Zakk was face fucking his mouth. That bitch boy was getting abused and it was hot. Kyler seemed to enjoy it for a while, but with Preston as tight as he was it was hard for Kyler to keep hard. I had to Zakk take one more turn at fucking before the guys were going to get off. While things continued, Preston worked on getting his dick back to being hard. That's when Kyler announced that he was ready to shoot his load. When he came he shot his load onto Preston's upper chest pretty much covering one of his nipples. Then, Zakk pulled out to jerk off to shoot his load. It was Preston though who shoot his load next, and the first burst went clear over his shoulder. When Zakk did go he had a nice size load as well. After the shoot was done I told the guys to hit the shower and I talked with my partner about the studio and moving over to the new one.

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