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Kevin, Dylan Hahn

Here at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back Dylan, our loyal BSB member. Dylan is gay and wanted to experience sex for the first time with some of the models on BSB, offering them cash to do the deed. Even though he isn't broke, I decided it would put an interesting spin on a scene or two for BSB members. Dylan has already done a solo scene and an oral scene with us and now, he is wanting to go all the way and this time, he has selected Kevin to pop his cherry. He really likes the more rough looking models and Kevin definitely fits into that category. I called Kevin into the room and explained the situation; Dylan offered Kevin $500 to fuck him for the first time while I said I would put in an additional $500 to make it $1000. Kevin was more than a little surprised at this type of scene but as we all know at BSB, money talks so he said he would be down with it.

The guys got undressed and the scene started with Dylan sucking on Kevinâs dick. Kevin just sat back and enjoyed Dylan servicing his cock, commenting that Dylan knew what he was doing when sucking cock. Dylan licked his way from Kevinâs cock to his nipple, biting and teasing it. With Kevinâs prick now as hard as a rock, it wasnât long before Kevin said he was ready to fuck that virgin ass. Down on all fours, Dylan moaned as a cock breached him for the first time. Despite it being more painful than he was expecting, Dylan panted and groaned as Kevin started up a steady pace. Kevin slapped him on the ass as Dylan moved back, pushing himself more firmly on the cock inside him. Dylan was enjoying every moment of it, begging for Kevin to go harder.

Interestingly, Kevin showed he had a dominate side, gripping a fist full of Dylanâs hair as he pounded into the once virgin ass. Pulling out the futon, they switched positions with Dylan on his back, legs in the air. It was all too clear from Dylanâs expression that the new position was much more pleasurable for him. Kevin set up a fast and hard pace, treating Dylan like his prison bitch, choking him with a hard grip. This only makes Dylan demand to be fucked all the harder! After some intense fucking, Kevin indicated he was about to cum, pulling out and cumming over Dylanâs cock and pubes, pushing Dylan into his own release, both boys cumming at the same time. Dylanâs cum ran down his hand, mixing with Kevinâs.

This is one very hot scene that you donât want to miss out on watching.

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