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I Applied So He Could Have Sex With His Fav Gay Porn Models

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Dylan Hahn

Okay! This is a very different video shoot that I am not use to doing. It all started a few months ago when I get this email from this cute 18 year old. He became a member of the site and he really loved the BSB site. However, he wanted to have sex with a few of his favorite models. Like all members of the BSB site, many of our members want to have sex with our models, but when I get this kind of request I always tell the member(s) that the models are not "for sale". I thought that would be the end of it...but this particular BSB member kept on harping me to appear on the site. Since he's gay and not broke, what is the point on having this gay appear on the BSB site? I kept in-touch with Dylan and I got to know him and after speaking to him for several weeks, his intentions was to appear on the BSB site and offer the BSB models money for sex (now that is a great idea!..LOL) Dylan is a virgin and never had sex with another guy before, but he knows he is gay. I told Dylan to stop by my office so we can talk. He told me that he is willing to offer the models money and he wanted to experience gay sex for the first time. I decided to film him first as a solo just in case he freaks out and can't perform. I know solos are not the favorite, but before I commit to Dylan, I wanted to see how comfortable he was. I had him start off like all the other models and of course he told his story and why he's here. Once I got the particulars out of the way, I told him to stand up and get undress. I placed the video on and there he was stroking his cock getting nice and hard. I left him alone and let him work his bone! He stroked his cock and felt his body. Although he wasn't the biggest dick I've seen... it was a nice pretty cock and it stayed hard the whole time while he was stroking. After several minuets of his solo stroking, he came squirting his virgin juices all over the futon. I was now convinced that he was ready and I held him to his word regarding coming back and paying for the models to have sex with him for the first-time. This is a must see series as I can't wait to see what happens in future episodes!

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