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Cj, Cody Sweat

I brought Cody and CJ back together for Broke Straight Boys in the hopes that with a little more time passing, more money being offered, and using the same model to pair them up, Cody would be a little more willing to try some more on camera. Once I had them on the couch and started filming the two of them, I asked Cody if he thought he could go all the way to anal with CJ, and he told me no. I asked him if they could do oral, and he wasn't really to hot on that idea either. Pulling out one of the vibrators that I had close to me I asked if he would be up for a little vibrating action and I was shot down there too. Bringing out another new toy, CJ was the one who wanted to hold and touch it. He buzzed it for a second and then put it down. He was probably interested in trying it out, since he was always up for doing anal for the extra money. Upping my offer to Cody, I told him that I would give him $800 if he would just let CJ give him head, and that's when CJ butted in and said that he wanted his cock to get sucked too. If Cody was willing to go that far then I would give him $1200 to suck his first cock ever. Thinking about it Cody told me that he was willing to get his dick sucked and then would just taking things from there. That worked for me, so I asked the guys to go ahead and take off their shirts. Getting to their feet, they stood and stripped off their shirts. Cody was very lean with a toned set of abs, and he said that he has been in the same shape ever since high school. He loves to run, and it showed from all the dedication it takes to keep a body as tone as his. Moving over to CJ, he looked hot as always. When I asked him what kind of sports he played, CJ told me all of them, and he seemed like a pretty active guy when it came to staying in shape. The guys went for their shorts next, getting down to their underwear. Cody had on a pair of white briefs, and CJ had a pair of boxers on. Taking a seat on the couch I told them to start playing with themselves and work on getting hard as I put on a favorite porn for them to watch. Turning back around, CJ was ready to get the oral started so that he could get it over with. He took the limp cock in his mouth and started to suck on it. He placed his hand on his back to see how Cody would react, something I don't think he would have done if he was totally turned off by what was taking place. The more that Cody seemed to relax, the harder his cock got, and it was much bigger than in the jerking scene they did a couple weeks back. Cody's dick was HUGE, and thick too! Watching CJ suck on it he wasn't able to put it all in his mouth, but he tried. Sitting up CJ wanted a break, and I asked Cody if he wanted to walk away with the $1200 in his pocket. Saying yes, he put the dick in his mouth and started. CJ leaned back and let this straight boy suck on a dick for the first time and see just what one tastes like. One of the things that gets CJ rock hard is head, so the longer that it went on the harder his dick got. Occasionally, Cody would stop to jerk it for a second but would resume sucking. After a while I had them sit back and jerk themselves off. Since the oral part was over, CJ reached for the lube bottle and he passed it to Cody to use. I asked Cody if he wanted to make an extra $300 on top of what he already was walking away with if he would take CJ's load in his mouth. After only thinking about it for a split second, he said that he would do it. He was now jerking his first cock other than his own for the first time, and I helped to give him instructions on what to do. The only drawback was that CJ wasn't getting close to actually cumming from the way that Cody was doing it. CJ took over and he just warned us when he was getting close to shooting his load. When he did yell out, Cody dropped his mouth down to the tip of CJ's cock and opened his mouth wide. When CJ cummed only a little bit actually shot up in his mouth, Cody sucked on the tip a little to get some of the cum in his mouth and on his lips. I asked him to keep his mouth there for just a bit just to get some extra pictures of the moment. After that he sat up and I did offer him another $300 if he would taste his own, he seemed open to it. Jerking off to the porn, it took him a minute or so to get to the point of orgasm. When he came his load ended up landing at the base of his cock and afterward I just talked to them for a second before letting them get cleaned up. Cody did a great job with the oral and all the other first experiences he got to have in this shoot. We just need to wait and see if he will open up enough to try topping a guy for us on Broke Straight Boys. Sometimes it just takes time and patience and a little more cash before that happens.

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