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Find Out More About Carter And Why He Got Circumcised Late

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Carter was born in Mexico City and lived there until he was four years old when his family moved to San Antonio, Texas. He is 22 and 5'10" and he weighs 150. His dick is cut and he guesses it is just under 7". He graduated highschool in 2019 and then moved to college, where he was living in a dorm when covid hit. He played football in highschool, he didn't like it at first until he went to practices with his friends it grew on him. He was fast and knew how to catch a ball so he played wide receiver. He identifies as bisexual and dated girls in highschool but he knew he was bi because he would always focus on guys and girls when he'd watch porn. His first time having sex with a guy was in the locker rooms in highschool with another football player on the team. It was after everyone had left, they were alone in the locker room talking and getting dressed.


They were checking each other out, and the other guy was good looking and built and then they started flirting. At first he didn't know about kissing a guy because he only liked the dick so he went down and started blowing him. They ended up fucking, he bottomed. Now he likes to top and bottom, but now he tops more. He originally had the idea to come to porn because he had a friend on snapchat who was super hot and he would see that he would always travel and do photoshoots or something. So he asked him what he did for work and how he traveled so much, and once he told him about it he thought about it but wasn't sure he wanted to. But he eventually just fell into it, and ended up with another studio for a about a year or year and a half, then he went to another one for awhile. Now he's here because he likes being around and working with ne people, and having new opportunities. Carter also works full time at Nordstrom and is planning to enlist in the military reserves to work toward a career in criminal justice. He loves being in front of the camera and considers himself a very sexual guy.

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