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Watch Colton Fuck For The First Time As He Tops

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Colton Wolfe, Carter Delrey

Colton Wolf's hard cock in tight white underwear contrasting with Carter Delrey's soft silver briefs creates a striking visual. The two begin making out in their underwear, tongues wrestling and hands roaming. Which soon leads to more action as Carter has his briefs removed and his stiff penis begins throbbing with desire. Colton then proceeds to suck Carter’s cock before removing his own underwear to reveal his thick dark pubic hair and a massive dick that stands proudly at attention.

As the action heats up even more, Colton takes it one step further by rimming Carter's butthole before plunging his hard cock inside the now wet hole. In a display of dominance, Colton wolf mounts Carter doggy style from behind. As they fuck on camera to pay their rent, both guys are pleased to have found a way to make money while also satisfying their primal urges. The two guys continue their steamy session as they fuck each other raw from a new angle. Relentlessly pounding Carter’s tight buttcheeks leads to an explosion of cum and a satisfied bottom.

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